Predictions: Trophee Eric Bompard

The Grand Prix series is nearing its end and for some reason, I’m really thankful. I’m looking forward to seeing the dust settle on this new generation of skaters and hopefully, see some good skating as everyone starts to get comfortable with their programs.

papadakis cizeron 14 coc fd

The roster for this event is somewhat decent so… let’s begin! More

Cup of China 2014: Highlights and Recap

I apologize for the delay for this post. I was busy all weekend with friends out of town so it’s taken a while to get some time for myself and write this post.

xiaoyu yu yang jin 14 coc lp

First of all, I think I should say that I did take a look at the results over the weekend and when I did, I was in utter shock. There are times when I don’t mind being wrong with my predictions but for the most part, I’m a little miffed that my predictions are wrong, mostly because the results and the skating last weekend was a complete clusterf*** with very few highlights. Expect another cranky post though I tried really hard to be less cranky this time. More

Predictions: Four Continents 2013

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Also, this will be post #300 for the Rinkside Cafe! Woo!

Yuzuru Hanyu sp 2012

Yuzuru beckons you in… More

Highlights and a few comments on the NHK Trophy 2012

Highlight: Yuzuru Hanyu beating his own world record in the short program. At the tender age of 17. Wow.

I adore this program. My favourite part? The footwork into the 3A. So difficult but he makes it look smooth as butter.

I think his gold here at NHK has set him up quite well for Sochi. He’s proven that he’s a tough competitor who can beat Daisuke and be the #1 Japanese man. Aka the one the JFSA will politick for next year. He just needs to keep up his consistency and work on his long program but this kid is on the right track to a bright future. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll notice that he’s the only skater I’ve pegged so far as the future of figure skating. I’ve been reluctant to do the same for some other bright talents (ie. the baby Russian divas, Adelina Sotnikova and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva) because none of them have talent that stood out like Yuzuru’s. I’m so excited for this young man’s future.

Highlight: Despite the change in coaches, Yuzuru still has his Winnie the Pooh tissue box. And Brian Orser carries it around. (This picture was from the Finlandia Trophy but Orser did carry Pooh bear around at the NHK Trophy.)

Also, anyone else noticed that Brian was more chummy with Yuzuru than Javier? Poor Javi, such talent but he has no powerful figure skating union to back him up.

Highlight: Akiko Suzuki skating a fabulous long program. So focused, so lovely. She gets better with age.

However, despite winning the long program, she totally got tanked by her PCS which made her lose the gold. I’m sorry, Mao, but I don’t think popping or doubling jumps and shaky landings constitute as good skating skills. Or at least skating skills rated as 8/10. That abnormally high bit of PCS on Mao’s score in the LP was what gave her the gold medal. Frankly, I’m very disappointed in you, judges. And the JFSA.

Highlight: Richard Dornbush. I’ve been told about this youngin’ though I haven’t had much time to follow up and watch his skating. But now that I have, I admit, despite the mistakes, he has great potential. I love the lines he makes with his arms and the smoothness in his skating. I hope this guy improves.

Highlight: Zijun Li has utterly boring programs and her PCS are a bit high seeing that she skates like a junior but this girl was refreshing to watch. She’s a natural jumping bean! She reminds me of a young Mao, though her aura is definitely a lot different. I’d love to see her with a different choreographer. She wasn’t that far behind Mirai Nagasu for bronze so I’d say that she has a little time to show everyone what’s she’s got and I’m excited.

What were your favourite moments of the NHK Trophy?

~The Rinkside Cafe

NHK Trophy 2012: Predictions

The GP series is coming to a close and the NHK Trophy is here, and it will be the last competition before the final. The roster for this competition is looking really good (or at least better than TEB) and I’m super excited.

Akiko Suzuki beckons you in with her lovely costume…. More

Finlandia Trophy 2012: Men’s SP (+Johnny Weir’s Comeback Debut)

So the senior figure skating season is on it’s way with B-list events such as the Nebelhorn Trophy and the Finlandia Trophy. The Finlandia Trophy came with the bad news of Scott Moir’s injury which delayed fans from seeing Tessa and Scott’s new programs but they will need all their strength to beat Meryl and Charlie this season. Or not, seeing that Worlds is in their hometown this year.

In any case, with the Finlandia Trophy also came with a good lineup in the men’s competition, which also included Johnny Weir’s comeback debut. I don’t have much time but I will discuss the top 4. Anyone who wants to talk about the entire competition can post a link in the comments and I’ll add them in for the readers.


Javier Fernandez started his season well (whether or not he can keep it up is a totally different story) with a clean skate to Flamenco music. As much as I do admire Javier, I found my attention wavering. Maybe the program itself wasn’t all that exciting or he needs to sell it more but in the end, he’s first after the short program and that is awesome.


Yuzuru Hanyu came 2nd after the short program which had a few mistakes, including a possibly underrotated 4T and a tacked on 2T at the end of his 3F. (I’m assuming he was aiming for 3F-3T.) Other than that, I must say, wow. Am I watching Yuzuru or Daisuke before he busted his knee? I’m not a huge fan of programs set to rock and roll music but this program was sexy, smooth and interesting to watch. I love the flow in his movements and he’s skating with such an attack and speed I didn’t see last season. Despite the bobbles, I think this is a pretty good start to the season.


Richard Dornbush, who came in 3rd, was a pleasant surprise. I’m kind of not that enthused about the American men but I do admit that this guy has great lines. His jump content might be lacking a bit but I believe he does have a little more time to get things right. One critique I do have is that he needs to feel his music a little more. I didn’t quite feel the epicness of the music in his movement but I feel as if that’s something that will come over the course of the season.


Johnny’s comeback didn’t quite go as planned. I think he underrotated and two-footed his 4T at the beginning and gosh was he skating slow. After watching Yuzuru’s program, Johnny’s program to instrumental Lady Gaga was devoid of well… content. Barely any transitions, a lot of long pauses and a lot of front-loading with the jumps. The music itself was already a bit cringe-worthy but the program made it even more so. I smell Nikolai Morozov here… someone confirm these suspicions?