The Shibutanis and Adam Rippon Being Adorable

I love these guys. I hate the stigma against brother-sister teams (I’ll leave aside my rant on misogyny and the reinforcement of stereotypical feminine and masculine identities and hetero-normative behaviour in figure skating out of this) and I really hate it when people hate on this team for being siblings. I find them adorable and I see potential in them as innovators because they can’t lay back on the traditional romance theme for their programs. In any case, here’s a video of them lip-syncing to Rebecca Black’s “Friday.”



~The Rinkside Cafe

A Facebook Message from Florent Amodio – Music with Lyrics Allowed

While I was on facebook today, I saw this post from Florent Amodio’s fanpage:

‎”La proposition 167 a été votée, à partir de la saison 2014/2015, comme en danse sur glace, la musique chantée pourra être utilisée en compétition par les patineurs et les couples de patinage artistique”


Proposition 167 has been voted on, starting from the 2014/2015 season, like ice dance, music with lyrics an be used in competition by pairs and single skaters.

Not that it stopped Florent from doing it before it was permitted. He may have Nikolai Morozov to thank for that.

I shudder to think what Morozov will do with this rule change…

Opinions? I’ll formulate mine after I digest the news.

~Rinkside Cafe