Figure Skaters doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

It’s the phenomenon sweeping the nation – the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Tons of celebrities and politicians were nominated and it’s not surprising that a ton of figure skaters have done the challenge as well.

To donate money to the ALS Association, please click here.

As for the videos…

Joannie Rochette

Gracie Gold

Charlie White + Alex & Maia Shibutani

Meryl Davis (and Danica McKellar)

Tara Lipinski

Johnny Weir

Tessa Virtue

Scott Moir

Piper Gilles and Garrett MacKeen

Shawn Sawyer

Let me know if you find other ones and I’d be happy to put the link up in the post!

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Elena Radionova EX

For some reason, I had an inclination to see how Elena Radionova was doing as the 2014/15 figure skating season approaches. A quick search on youtube came up with this video of a neat little exhibition number she did in Japan.

While the commentators are gushing about how cute she is, I’m actually more amazed at the edgework in the program. Compared to last season, her skating skills seem to have gelled and you can see a sort of steadiness in the blade as she does her crossovers and spread eagles. I’m not sure how her jumps will look once she competes – I’m sure it’s hard to do a triple jump in that puffy skirt here – but I’m excited to see how she’ll develop as the next season rolls around. She has star quality and a great talent of expression on the ice that you can’t teach.

What did you think of Elena’s program or skating? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir Exhibition Number in China

I found this while Youtube gave me suggestions. Strange costume choice for a tame song.

On another note, I hope that everyone is having a good summer! As some of you know, summer is generally quiet around the Rinkside Cafe since I usually take a break and relax until the season starts anew. If you have any suggestions for articles, however, please feel free to leave a comment! I’m always looking for new ideas for posts and whatnot!

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