Happy New Year from the Rinkside Cafe!

Hello readers!

I just wanted to take the time to tell you all, Happy New Year! May it be filled with smiles, laughter and of course, wonderful skating. To think, next year around this time, we’ll be buzzing about Sochi 2014~!

Also, I should also send out a big thank you to all my readers who have read and have been patient with my infrequent posts. I’m really happy that people read (and occasionally comment) on my posts. I don’t know about you, but I’m not surrounded by friends who are totally into figure skating as I am so it’s great to talk to some of you about something I adore.

To end, I’ll send you off with this video of Elena Radionova from Russian Nationals. If she improves greatly in the next year or two, she may have the honour to be a skater to whom I confer the title of The Future of Figure Skating. (The only skater so far who has gotten this title is Yuzuru Hanyu.)



~The Rinkside Cafe

All hail Prince Yuzuru, the New Japanese National Champion

This Tweet from Johnny Weir gave me some surprising news today:

johnny weir tweet yuzuru



I think if Yuzuru can prove that he can consistently skate a free program that isn’t marred with mistakes and reduced speed in the second half, the JFSA is on their way to dumping Daisuke in favour of this youngin’ for an Olympic medal.

Daisuke Takahashi won the silver, as expected but Takahito Mura stole the bronze unexpectedly. Nobunari Oda and Takahiko Kozuka got 4th and 5th respectively.

I’ll try to get through some of the other competitors but my life is a bit of a mess right now. I’ll do my best.

~The Rinkside Cafe

Look-alikes: Meryl Davis IS a Disney Princess!

This similarity was noted by reader, Rae, who I owe an apology since this post was supposed to exist like… months ago? I’m so sorry!

Anyways, I know ontd_skating has a tag entitled “Meryl is a Disney Princess” and well, thanks to Rae, it is now confirmed! I know that past articles have pegged her as a dead ringer for Belle but I do agree with Rae in that she does resemble Meg from Hercules quite a bit. In any case, I’ll post pictures of both Disney princesses and put up a poll.




meg hercules


meryl davis meg


meryl davis belle

~The Rinkside Cafe

Sad News: No More Takahashi & Tran

narumi takahashi mervin tran 2012 Worlds medal

According to this article, Narumi Takahashi & Mervin Tran have split due to citizenship issues on Mervin’s part and in some part, Narumi’s injury this season. Narumi’s injury may have become a huge roadblock to an Olympic medal if Mervin did get Japanese citizenship but either way, I’m really sad to see these two go.

Let us remember their brightest moment in their career:

You will be missed. I’m so sad that such potential is now over. Please continue skating somehow.

~The Rinkside Cafe

An Assortment of Amusing Things

figure skating cookies

Because this is the holiday season (and because I’m a total child at heart), I’ve decided to compile a whole bunch of fun things that you can do while vegetating at home after those long arduous weeks at work or at school.

1. Watch this cute “Up” number from Canadian Stars on Ice. If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you’ll know my aversion to exhibition galas and these Stars on Ice shows. Despite the simplicity of this number, I quite like it.

2. Stalk Yuzuru Hanyu’s Winnie the Pooh tissue box on Twitter. (Just click the link attached to the word “Twitter.”) And yes, someone made an account for Yuzuru’s tissue box. Wow.

3. Get a figure skate cookie cutter and make figure skating cookies! I quite like this gingerbread recipe from Martha Stewart. (The cookies themselves are not too sweet so you can adjust for sweetness with icing!

4. Pray for snow (if there isn’t any in your area) while watching the classic program, “Winter” by Alexei Yagudin.

5. Watch any sort of figure skating. I think I’ll put up a post on some must-see programs soon.

6. If there is snow in your region, I challenge you to make a snowperson. That is supposed to be a figure skater. If you do do this, send me pictures and I’ll post them on the blog!

7. Go nostalgia tripping. I went nostalgia tripping last week and ended up watching a whole bunch of episodes of one of my favourite childhood shows: Sailor Moon. (I’ve got a feeling a whole bunch of people can approximate my age right now…) Here’s the episode that’s figure skating-related!

8. Need to do some Christmas shopping for some figure skating fans? Here’s a site with a bunch of figure skating merchandise!

9. Spend time with family and friends. ❤

10. Skate!


~The Rinkside Cafe

Ice Dancers! On Glee!

I watched this preview clip of this week’s episode of Glee and wondered if the ice dancers in the video were famous or competed internationally. I thought if anything, Tanith and Ben would be there but the profile and lines of the blond and brunette pair didn’t seem to match the old American ice dance champs. Luckily, the people at icenetwork sated my curiosity. The two pairs of dancers were the Kerrs and Kim Navarro & Brent Bommentre.

Enjoy the skating and the lovely Klaine duet!

~The Rinkside Cafe

Yuna is back!

Her jumps are still pretty fierce but her toes are still not pointed. Classic Yuna. Who’s excited for her return?

Videos of her practicing her LP have also surfaced. I’ll post the LP here when it arrives.

Edit: Here is the full LP:

I would put up some comments, but Aunt Joyce took the words right out of my mouth and put them more eloquently in this post.


~The Rinkside Cafe

Grand Prix Final 2012: Predictions

It’s the GPF! Aka the competition that’s really worth watching in the GP series. This year’s roster will provide ample drama on the ice and Kurt Browning has taken some time on this blog post to talk a little about each competitor. I agree with him on the most part and I’ll include a few highlights here:

On Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir’s FD:”The long program of Carmen on paper did not ring as such a good idea, but I love being wrong about something that turns out so right.”

On Takahiko Kozuka:”He is still my pick as best ‘skater’. Patrick has amazing feet and builds speed with ease, almost magical actually, but for blade magic it’s still Taka for me.”
So for those Chan-stans, even Kurt Browning thinks that there are others who surpass Chan in skating skills.

“My pick for a winner is….the audience. Get used to it, I’m not picking winners.”Only someone as congenial and magical as Kurt Browning can do this. That and he’s the most reasonable CBC commentator.

“A big part of me wishes that I still competed[…]” As someone who started watching figure skating when you were still competing, I wish you could still compete too.

In any case, onto the predictions!

Yuzuru Hanyu and Winnie the Pooh

Yuzuru and his Winnie the Pooh tissue box beckons you to read on… More

Favourite Programs of the 2012/2013 Season So Far

Tessa and Scott Carmen

So the Grand Prix series is nearly over and we’re all anticipating the final. In the meantime, we’ve seen most of the programs being offered this season and here are my favourites so far:


SP: Yuzuru Hanyu – Parisienne Walkways

Gorgeous choreography, wonderful execution. I think I’ve talked about this program a lot already this season. Now it’s time to shut up and watch it again.

LP: Florent Amodio – Jumpin’ Jack/Broken Sorrow/To Build a Home

Still typical Morozov choreography but least this plays to Florent’s strengths. My preference for this program does not stem from any sense of amazement at seeing this program, rather it’s a sign that I’m not really that impressed with any of the LPs for the men this season and this was the most entertaining so far.


SP: Kiira Korpi – La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin

Dreamy, elegant and perfect for Kiira Korpi. She has yet to skate this to absolute perfection but when she does, it will be a delight to watch. This program reminds me of Chen Lu, circa 1997, Rachmaninoff no. 2.  Composed, soft and lovely.

LP: Akiko Suzuki – O (Cirque du Soleil)

The judges need to stop screwing Akiko over with low PCS. She deserves 8s in some of those categories. The energy, focus and beauty of this program really shone through here at NHK. I hope for a repeat performance that will be rewarded appropriately. Preferably a gold. At Worlds. Though one can only dream, really…


Ugh… do I really have to do this for discipline? Watching pairs is painful. As is making predictions.

SP: Kirsten Moore-Towers & Dylan Moscovitch – Motley Crew

Another difficult decision due to the mediocrity of the programs this year. This program would be a lot better if they actually, you know, put some energy into the performance.

LP: Yuko Kavaguti & Alexander Smirnov – February

The choreography needs to get smoothed out and it would be nice if the music had a few more accents and crescendos but overall it’s a lovely program. If only this team was consistent enough to do Tamara Moskvina’s work any justice.

Ice Dance

SD: Meryl Davis & Charlie White – Giselle

Floaty, joyful and playing to their strengths. I was dreading the incorporation of the Yankee Polka sequence into the SD this year but I’m glad these two relieved by fears. According to this article, Alex Wong from So You Think You Can Dance helped them with the choreography. I quite liked Alex when he was on SYTYCD. It’s too bad he got injured, I think he could’ve won.

FD: Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir – Carmen

Passion, skating and erogenous zone grabbing. Sex on ice and I love it.

What are your favourite programs of this season so far?

~The Rinkside Cafe