For those delightful rainy summer days…

This is another lovely exhibition from the surprise silver medalist  this year, Denis Ten. this performance reminds me a lot of Kurt Browning. Also, Denis’ speed across the ice was incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him skate like this. Then again, I’ve been expecting crazy implosions from him for the last couple of years. On another note, I think I’m seeing Patrick Chan-like posturing and footwork. Am I going crazy?



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Figure-Skating Looks!

So whenever I’m bored or procrastinating, I always find myself on modcloth. I don’t really buy stuff off the site since I’m not a huge fan of polyester clothing but occasionally, I’ll stumble upon a cotton dress that I’ll think about for a while and debate about whether or not I should get it. Nonetheless, I think there are a few looks currently on the site that have a figure skating feel to them. I’ll group them  under the song that comes to mind when I see them. The dresses are currently available so I’ll put up links to them if you think you want to get it.

Let me know if any of you decide to purchase any of the dresses – strike a figure skating pose and send the picture in! I’ll put it up!

Swan Lake

ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships - Day 3

Swan Dance Dress:

Modcloth - Swan Dance
Sasha Cohen Swan Lake

Once Upon a Gleam Dress:

Modcloth - Once Upon a Gleam

Ladies in Lavender

Akiko Suzuki ladies in lavender

Happily Ever Lavender Dress:

Modcloth - Happily Ever Lavender

I Amethyst Who I Am Dress:

Modcloth - I Amethyst Who I Am


The Prettiest Pixie Dress:


Modcloth - The Prettiest PixieLa Strada

Anna Cappellini La Strada

It’s kind of like the colours got reversed! Grad Party Dress in Pink:  Modcloth - Grad Party Dress in Pink

When You Can Dress:

Modcloth - When You Can

Mahler’s 5th Symphony

Tessa and Scott 2010 Olympics FD goose

Ice Sculpturess Dress:

Modcloth - Ice Sculpturess

Elegance with a Sparkle Dress:

Modcloth - Elegance with a SparkleI Do Declare Dress:

Modcloth - I do declare

Tessa Scott 2010 Nats FD

Goodnight Swoon Dress:

Modcloth - Goodnight Swoon

Marshmallow Whirl Dress:

Modcloth - Marshmallow Whirl


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Look-Alikes: Carolina Kostner

I was watching some clips of Stephen Colbert and nowadays when you want to access the videos on that site, you have to watch a commercial. Sigh. In any case, this Dove commercial popped up and I noticed that one of the girls looked like Carolina.

Here’s the commercial:

Dove commercial girl:

dove commercial girl


Carolina Kostner

What do you think?

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Look-Alikes: Cynthia Phaneuf, Tessa Virtue

I was wandering around The Slate and was reading about a movie about Rosaline, the girl Romeo was going gaga over before he met Juliet. An interesting concept though as far as I can remember, Rosaline was supposed to remain celibate or become a nun or something. Either way, she doesn’t get into the mess that is the relationship between two horomonal teens. (I do like Shakespeare but I found Romeo and Juliet to be terribly asinine. Mercutio was the only decent character in that entire play. “A plague on both your houses, I am dead. Ask for me tomorrow and you shall find me a grave man.”)

In any case, the article named Allison Williams as the girl who might play Rosaline. When I saw her, I immediately thought she looked like Cynthia Phaneuf.

Allison Williams:

allison williams

Cynthia Phaneuf:

Cynthia Phaneuf Canada. 2010 Skate Canada. Photo F. Scott Grant

However, when I was searching for other pictures of Allison Williams, I found that at certain angles and with different makeup, she also looked like Tessa Virtue.

allison williams 2

Tessa Virtue:

tessa virtue smile

What do you think?

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