Look-Alikes: Brian Joubert

I follow some figure skaters on Twitter and lately I’ve been getting a torrent of tweets about mostly Canadian or American athletes from other skaters. Today, Jeff Buttle re-tweeted this picture of speed skater and Olympic medalist, Denny Morrison.

(Yes, this is still a figure skating blog, even though the first picture for this post is for a speed skater.)

denny morrison

When I saw this picture, I thought he looked a little like lady magnet (I bet it’s all that crotch thrusting in his programs), Brian Joubert.

brian joubert

When I found this picture of Joubert, the disheveled hair and sideburns reminded me of…

toby turner

Toby Turner, aka Tobuscus, a popular Youtuber! (I flipped the picture so he and BJou were facing the same way.)

Funny story… For the longest time, I only knew Toby as Satan because that was the character he played in a Youtube sitcom called “My Music” created by the Fine Brothers (the guys behind all the Kids/Teens/Youtubers/Elders react videos – I have a bit of a celebrity crush on Benny Fine). I saw him everywhere, like in the Youtube Rewind 2013 video (love this video, if you haven’t seen it already, you should) and skit editions of Your Grammar Sucks by Jacksfilms. I didn’t know his real name until I found an old “Kids React” video where the kids were reacting to him. Sorry, Toby!

Anyways, think Brian looks like Denny Morrison or Toby Turner? Let me know in the comments!

If you think that a certain someone looks like a particular figure skater, let me know! I’ll make a post and credit you with the find! Until next time!

~The Rinkside Cafe