Dancing with Meryl and Charlie (Week 7 to 9)

Congratulations to Meryl and Charlie for lasting this long on Dancing with the Stars but I think we expected nothing less from one of the legendary ice dance teams of the last two Olympic cycles. So far, it seems as if Meryl is consistently in the lead but who knows how far both of them will go. Here are the videos for the dances for weeks 7 to 9.

Week 7

Week 7 Team Dances

Warning: Both dances are so campy.

Charlie’s Team

Meryl’s Team

Week 8

Who is this girl? She does not look or feel like Meryl Davis.

Also, that judge who called out Meryl’s feet? It’s not because she’s in ice skates. Even in ice skates, there are skaters who point their toes.

The star of this dance was Sharna’s dress. Love the colour and the shape.

Also, “You have impeccable musicality.” Darling, he’s an ice dancer who’s not trained by Nikolai Morozov. Also, why hasn’t Tanith gotten on this show? That face in the quick shots. Gorgeous.

Celebrity Dance Duels:

Kitsch. Pure. Kitsch.

I was surprised that lift in the middle wasn’t done on ice. It was so fast and furious, signature Meryl & Charlie lift.

Week 9

Loved this jive. And Kristi Yamaguchi came by! What fascinates me with this clip is Meryl’s relationship with Maks and how his frustration doesn’t faze her one bit. Compare that to Tessa dealing with Scott’s frustration on their reality show and how shaken she was. There are times where I’ve wanted to shake Tessa and tell her to be more confident with herself, the way Meryl is here and just be that rock for her partner.

Oh Charlie. Turning on the charm.

Unfortunately, Charlie was eliminated this week and will not be participating in the final. A pity, I wanted him and Meryl to go head to head at the very end.


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Dancing with Meryl and Charlie (Weeks 4 to 6)

I was initially going to put up links to videos on one post only but I didn’t like how cluttered that would seem so I’ll put 3 weeks worth of dances per post. This post will be updated as the weeks go by. So, enjoy seeing Meryl & Charlie on Dancing with the Stars! Does anyone watch the show religiously/steadily? What do you think of Meryl & Charlie’s progress? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!

Week 4:

There’s more sex in this tango than in all the combined performances of her and Charlie’s 2010/2011 FD but to me, tangos and Meryl don’t seem to go together. I think it’s her leg lines that bother me. Still though, it looks like Meryl is the front runner, even leading Charlie at this point after looking at the DWTS18 wikipedia page.

Week 5:

It’s Disney week and we don’t use a song from a movie where there’s a Disney princess that Meryl looks like? Blasphemy.

Decent dance, though I expected better from Charlie since this style tends to be his and Meryl’s forte, along with the passionate, rushing style.

Week 6:

The interesting thing about Meryl here is seeing the relationship between herself and her partner. Meryl & Charlie didn’t get a show like Tessa and Scott but even in interviews, M&C don’t seem as chummy or cutesy as their arch rivals. This is interesting because Meryl seems to have more chemistry with Maks than she ever did with Charlie. I quite like seeing this side of Meryl.

This dance brought a smile to my face. Still though, Sharna, you have to know that that their arch-rivals have an iconic exhibition to that song.

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Dancing with Meryl and Charlie

dwts meryl charlie

Right after the Olympics, my Twitter blew up all of a sudden when it was announced that Meryl Davis & Charlie White were going to be participating in this season’s Dancing with the Stars. (Also, since when did Meryl get such great leg lines? I swear her lines weren’t this nice when she was wearing skates.) I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars but I might tune in to see how Meryl & Charlie do each week. I have no doubt that they’ll do well considering ice dancing is based off of ballroom dancing.

Week 1:

Charlie was kinda swoon-worthy in this dance.

Week 2:

Week 3:

For any fans who know of Youtubers, Lindsey Stirling played the violin for Meryl & Mak’s dance.

Judging from their DWTS18 wikipedia page, it seems as if both Meryl and Charlie are doing well in the competition.

Also, seriously Americans, if you think Meryl and Charlie look like a couple, have you seen their rivals? Also, everyone knows Charlie is dating Tanith Belbin, Olympic silver medalist in Torino 2006. (You see her for a few seconds in the video of him in week 1 in the audience. Fun fact: she used to date Evan Lysacek who was also in DWTS a few seasons back.)

What do you think of Meryl and Charlie’s performances on DWTS? Let me know in the comments?

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EDIT: I’ve decided to split the DWTS performances post so that they feature 3 weeks worth of dances each. For…

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