My New Twitter

Hello all!

For those of you following my blog, I’m sure that some of you may have found me on Twitter as well under a different name. That account was meant to be my personal account and after 3 years of blogging and tweeting, I have finally set up a new Twitter account purely for this blog.

All my blog updates and live tweets will be coming from this new account, @RinksideCafe starting next week with Skate Canada. Please follow me on Twitter!

~Rinkside Cafe

The Rinkside Cafe in My Mind…


For the 4th birthday of The Rinkside Cafe, I decided to do something interesting.

For me, the name of this blog came to me in flight of fancy where I imagined a lovely cafe, similar to the indie cafe near my house right by the rink. The funny thing is, I can imagine that for some people, especially in North America, would imagine a rinkside cafe as a dingy concession stand that serves watered down hot chocolate in flimsy styrofoam cups. For me, the imaginary rinkside cafe never looked like that. It was always something of a combination of the rinkside restaurants you see in Asia as pictured here on the far side of the rink/where the EXP signs are:

Festival Walk Rink

And the indie coffee shops that are so popular around Toronto, like the Rooster (pictured here is the King East location):

Rooster King East

And in the end, that’s what I wanted this blog to be: a place where you could watch figure skating and talk about it with friends.

cat latte art

Here’s to another year of skating, friends, discussions about skating and delicious beverages… at home or wherever you are that is!

~The Rinkside Cafe

Happy (belated) 2nd Birthday to the Rinkside Cafe!

Wow! It’s been two years already!? No wonder I constantly forget this blog’s birthday. It feels as if I’ve been writing on this thing forever. The scary thought is that once this season passes by, Sochi 2014 will be knocking on our doorstep and if I still have enough of a social life, this blog will officially have reported various events in the figure skating world for one Olympic cycle. For now, I’m halfway there! Wow!

Here are some stats just for fun!

  • Total number of posts: 268
  • Total pageviews: 103, 283 (and counting)
  • Most views in a day: 765 (April 1st, 2012)
  • Most popular posts:

1. The Future: Yuzuru Hanyu

2. Look-alikes: Jana Khokhlova & Fedor Andreev

3. Because poking fun at ourselves is supposedly a part of Canadian culture…

  • Since February 2012 (when the new stats system was implemented) most of my readers come from:

1. The United States

2. Japan

3. Canada

4. France

5. United Kingdom

Apparently, I’ve also got readers from Anguilla, New Calendonia, Myanmar (Burma), Saint Vincent and Palestine. (1 hit each.)

  • Most popular search terms:

1. yuzuru hanyu fan

2. rinkside cafe

3. elizaveta tuktamysheva

(At least mosquito repellent didn’t make the top 3 this time… although it’s close at #5…)

Anyways, I’ll end this post with a big thank you to all my readers! I usually write this blog to release my opinions into the void and keep track of my predictions but having you here and reading your comments make me super happy because it means I have someone to talk about figure skating with!

~The Rinkside Cafe

Just for fun: What brought me (back) to figure skating

When I was a kid, I cheered for Kristi Yamaguchi and Michelle Kwan despite being Canadian (besides, Jennifer Robinson wasn’t worth cheering for anyways) as I watched figure skating with my mum. I couldn’t tell jumps apart and I cried furious tears when Tara Lipinski/Irina Slutskaya (who I called an unflattering name – I think you can guess it)/Sarah Hughes beat the Kween. After a while, life was too hectic for TV and figure skating until I saw this:

And then I became obsessed with these two… (Their connection! The magic! Their lines! The beauty!) I watched all of their programs in one afternoon and then I got back into figure skating and started paying attention to the single skaters. (I didn’t really care about pairs until Savchenko/Szalkowy’s LP at 2009 Skate Canada.) I found a helpful video on youtube and learned to tell jumps apart. A friend, who’s a walking talking figure skating (among other things) encyclopedia, taught me so much more and gave me a list of programs to watch. (I may post this list at some point in the future…) I started familiarizing with the new wave of skaters and found favourites among them, which finally led me to post competition predictions on twitter and then… this happened.

The birth of the Rinkside Cafe.

At the moment, I’m wondering what some future posts should be about. I can’t promise lovely long posts when I’m super busy but I’ll try my best. If you want me to write about a certain topic, please let me know and I’ll do my best!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day~

~The Rinkside Cafe