Rick Mercer Spoofs the World of Figure Skating

I enjoy following politics and sometimes, you can only digest what’s going on in the government with the help of people like Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and in Canada, Rick Mercer. Mr. Mercer has a great youtube channel where he uploads entire segments of his show and this week, this showed up in my subscriptions page:

In the video, Rick Mercer’s skit touches on a few facets of figure skating that puzzles Olympic viewers and devoted figure skating fans alike. Consequently, I thought I’d go back into a Skating 101 mode and talk about a few of the things that he mentions in the video. For hard-core figure skating fans, you probably know this and if you have anything to add, please share your insights in the comments. For those who aren’t as familiar with these ideas, please read and share! More

To Canadians: Please Vote!

I know that I have readers from a lot of different countries and if all my Canadian readers haven’t completely forsaken me for complaining about Patrick Chan’s victories, I’d like to take this moment to remind all Canadians to vote tomorrow. I think this rant from Rick Mercer can be extended to voters of all ages.

Remember, people died on beaches so that you can vote. People have died just for the right to vote. Sure, the Canadian democratic system can be flawed but this is your way to initiate change and voice your opinions and be part of the government.

Who you vote for is your business but please vote.

~The Rinkside Cafe