Worlds 2012 – Ice Dance FD

I’m not sure if I can deal with the clusterfuck that is the ladies’ SP right now so I’ll leave you to read the delightful post by Morozombie, who is my new favourite figure skating blogger who seriously sounds like my darling friend and reader, Ay-sa.

As for dance, the results were a little more palatable though the results for bronze are seriously pissing me off. Let’s go through the final top 5, shall we?


Finlnadia 2011: Chock and Bates (FD)

I apologize for the delay in my blog post about Chocks/Bates’ FD. The busiest part of my week is over so now I have a bit of free time.

This new partnership isn’t an absolute mistake and it’ll take some time to solidify but it seems as if they’re on the right track. Unfortunately, though, their FD was pretty unmemorable (they are probably pretty low on Marina and Igor’s priority list at this point) and I had to rewatch it today because I had forgotten my thoughts on it and what happened in the dance when I watched it a few days ago.

The program itself isn’t bad, it’s certainly more interesting than the Shibutanis’ FD since it’s not a watered down version of Tessa and Scott’s program but these two really need to tell more of a story with it. Commitment, commitment, commitment. It’s the beginning of the season so I’m sure that’ll come as the season progresses. Madison is definitely the better performer of the pair as she’s more expressive but she should take a few lessons from Evan on how to hold herself and how to move her arms. Evan’s arms and lines with his arms were completely mesmerizing to me. I think the key word for this team is time even I’m not sure if the politics of the sport will let them go very very far.

Just for fun: Taipei (food) + Tessa & Scott’s Music!

So, just to get people excited for Four Continents, I’ve decided to do a little research on Taipei, Taiwan (aka Chinese Taipei). So… rather than start with a really nerdy article on the history of how the island of Formosa became a pseudo-country, let’s take a look at a few other aspects of the country. So, I’ll begin with one of my favourite things: food. Apparently, this is what you need to eat whilst in Taiwan:

Pineapple Cakes

Bubble tea – this stuff is so much better in Asia than in North America. They use actual good tea and real fruit! I want some now… Also, bubble tea was invented in Taiwan. Amen for its invention.

Seafood-related dishes… including Japanese food! Taiwan is an island state so the seafood is fresh!

Hakka Lei Cha – The Hakka are an indigenous tribe that may have originated in North China but have migrated all over the world. Lei Cha is green tea with all sorts of ground nuts and herbs in it. Delicious warm or cold!

Taiwan has tons of cool tropical fruit. Try some fresh dragonfruit, rose or wax apples, papaya, starfruit, custard apples and giant watermelon (though it won’t be in season).

For more yummy Taiwanese food, check out this link!

Now to something skating-related. Taipei marks the return of these two:

And they will dance to these songs for their FD~!

I’m so excited!

~The Rinkside Cafe

Just for fun: Daylight Savings

Last Saturday was daylight savings for people who do daylight savings. To celebrate (I mean, we did get one more hour to sleep, read, do whatever), I’ll post this:


~The Rinkside Cafe