Predictions: European Championships 2015

Trophee Eric Bompard ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating - Day Two

Ahhhhhhh!!! The European Championships are upon us and it’s been so busy that I’ve forgotten to check the dates. I apologize for this late post. So far, only the short dance and men’s SP have occurred so I’ll quickly make predictions before any of these competitions end. I’ll also make these predictions without looking at the results so far. Without further ado… predictions! More

Comments on Euros 2013

Bobrova Soloviev 2013 Euros SD

I’m still sorting through some of the programs at Euros but here are some comments I have so far:

  • The Platinum King, Evgeni Plushenko might actually be at the end of his competition days. He fell in the SP and aggravated a chronic back problem, according to CBC and withdrew in the LP. I won’t quite miss any of his programs in particular but I can’t help but feel a sense of awe looking back at his career and the wonderment that came over me when I was a child, watching him and Alexei Yagudin duking it out.
  • In ice dance, the judges have struck the gavel. As I mentioned in the previous post, it’s a whole new ballgame and Mother Russia is putting her foot down. Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte have been set aside in favour of the Russians. C&L have been beating Ilinykh & Katsalapov at competitions – the Other Carmen program was in general, miles better than that Ghost monstrosity – but it seems as if the tides have turned.
  • Speaking of the Ghost program, it seems as if Morozov toned down the cheesiness a bit. It’s actually somewhat watchable now. Ilinykh & Katsalapov also won the free dance here.
  • Despite Igor Shpilband’s claims that the judges prefer Cappellini & Lanotte’s Carmen better than Tessa & Scott’s it seems as if they’ve made some changes to the beginning of the program. There’s a little more groping but overall the transitions and movements are a little cleaner. Still though, it feels like a haphazard stringing of the opera in terms of the music cuts and performance.
  • Carolina Kostner is holding onto her European title despite Mother Russia’s attempts for the top spot with her little divas. I admit that last Olympic cycle, I wanted Carolina to win. Seriously. I loved both Mao and Yuna but I was sick of the deranged fans who were attacking each other and making those stupid videos on how either of the cheated or whatnot. Carolina was a breath of fresh air. Canon in D and her 2004/5 LP remain in my favourite figure skating programs library.
  • Mother Russia has made herself known that she wants her pairs gold medal back. I kind of feel bad for Aliona & Robin.

Any thoughts on Euros?

~The Rinkside Cafe

Predictions: European Championships 2013

Wahhhhhh!!! Euros start tomorrow. Or wait, it’s already tomorrow in Europe. AHHHH! Ok, here are some predictions.

plushenko blows a kiss

Plushenko beckons you to read on… More

All my tweets on Euros in one post

Rather than just spamming my Twitter with all sorts of tweets about Euros (most of my followers are my close friends and most of my readers don’t follow me on Twitter anyways – don’t worry, you’re not missing much), I’ll just write my sentiments in 140 characters or less here.

Savchenko & Szolkowy out of #Euros2012. Mother Russia is pleased.

Just saw the pairs results for #Euros2012. Mother Russia is laughing in her bejeweled fur-lined dress.#MotherRussiaDomination

You know that Bazarova/Larionov are just dreading the moment Vera has her growth spurt. Her jumps are barely existent.

Good for Stefania Berton and Ondrej Hotarek for a respectable 4th place finish at #Euros2012~! Very proud of this pair!

What happened Javier? What happened!? You could’ve taken silver at least!

I guess Plushenko is still the Platinum King. Now if only he would tone down the windmill arms. #MotherRussiadomination

Will Mother Russia be able to prevail against Skate Chanada? #MotherRussiadomination???

(On a side note, I think that Mother Russia might just lose the battle against Skate Chanada.)

Dear Florent, You’re wasting your talent on Morozombie program. Run, Florent, RUN!!!

Artur, I don’t see the vampire in you. Maybe you should add more sparkles to your costume.

Tomas and Michal are officially the washed out Czechs. Sigh. What are we supposed to do with you two?

#Euros2012 ladies event: a one pony race. The silver & bronze medalists should be glad Liza & Adelina weren’t there. #MotherRussiaDomination

Pechalat/Bourzat should be able to take bronze this year. Unless they fall again. Then Bobrova/Sloviev will probably pick up the pieces.

Let’s just say Liza & Adelina were in #Euros2012 – then Mother Russia would have 9 of 12 medals. #MotherRussiaDomination #Sochi2014

Tagline for the entire event basically: #MotherRussiaDomination

For the full results of #Euros2012, just click here!

Let’s see how Four Continents play out shall we?

~The Rinkside Cafe

The New European King

I apologize for my lack of updates despite the spate of competitions that have been happening this week. The U.S. Nationals are going to end soon and the European Championships have ended. The Europeans remain weak in the singles area, with Carolina Kostner still the only one who could possibly medal at Worlds. However, ┬ánew, young, European has beaten all the veterans and emerged victorious in the men’s field: