Predictions: Grand Prix Final 2016


I swore that I would be on top of things for the GPF so I am starting early this week. The only downside to this is that if there’s last minute withdrawals, I’ll have to change things up.

In any case, the GPF is looking to be an exciting competition where skaters will want to line themselves nicely going into Worlds. The stakes are higher this season because their standings at Worlds determine a) how many skaters their country gets to send to the Olympics and b) their reputation and momentum going into the Olympic season. The GPF will determine the course of a few things as we head into the stretch of the season devoted to Nationals, 4CC and Euros.


Predictions: World Championships 2013

Ahhhhhhh!!! It’s been a crazy week for me so far. I’ve been away from home and didn’t have time to write predictions. That and it’s been so crazy that I didn’t realize Worlds started yesterday until I woke up saw a few messages on facebook. I know the men and pairs SP have already passed and the ladies SP is starting now but I’ll make these quick predictions anyways. Without looking at the results so far. So it’s like I made predictions, right?

mao asada swan lake

Mao beckons you to read on… More