The World is Ending…

I am in tears. Life (or my recent part-time job, really) has really taken away a lot of free time and when I decide to check back on the figure skating world, I find this article. In short: Evan Lysacek is coming back and he’s going to be at Skate America. I was actually considering to go to this particular competition since I’m a lot closer to Skate America this year than Skate Canada. I really wanted to see Yuzuru but I’m not sure if I can bear to open my wallet to watch both the beauty that is Yuzuru and the windmill that is Lysacek.

There’s always the possibility that Evan will go the Sasha Cohen route and fake (or actually have) an injury and not compete. After all, even at his “peak”, Evan was quadless and had shaky triple axels. Chan, despite his inflated marks, can actually land quads and occasionally skate clean. In the past season, more men have added quads to their repertoire in an attempt to step up their game and dethrone Chan. If Lysacek wants to remain competitive in the men’s field, he’s going to have to pull up that quadruple jump. Nonetheless, we all know that Lysacek has a crazy robot work ethic which might allow him to land the jump, and unfortunately give him the sort of integrity that would drive him to compete at Skate America.

Apparently he’s going to show up with programs to the music of “Poeta” and “Samson et Dalila”. I hate your guts, Evan Lysacek. How dare you ruin this:

and this:

Now excuse me while I continue to cry in a corner.

~The Rinkside Cafe