Guide to the sex positive Tarasova/Morozov LP

The Olympic season is supposed to bring the best out of every skater. It’s the season to go towards the tried and true styles and programs that showcase the best of your skating. It’s the time to make your mark in Olympic history. And that is why Evgenia Tarasova & Vladimir Morozov decided to skate to Christina Aguilera’s Candyman for their LP?

I’m pretty sure many people are confused and this tweet from Jonathan Beyer from The Skating Lesson sums it up pretty well:

I laughed for 5 minutes straight after reading this. Though I’m not sure if it was out of bitterness or humour.

Either way, I brought up the idea of having a sex positive-themed version of this LP in a Twitter conversation and I’ve been mulling it over my head. Instead of just speculating about it, I’ve decided to create a blueprint on how to do this. Onwards!

Why sex positivity?

First thing’s first, I thought I’d start off with an argument for thinking about sex positively. Why is it important do you ask? Well, frankly, sex is just part of being human – we exist because of it and whether we engage in it is a personal decision laden with different meanings depending on the person. For some people, it’s an important part of a relationship, and that’s not surprising. It’s an act that requires respect, consent, and  communication – many aspects that a healthy relationship is based off of. When people are ashamed of their sexuality, it becomes that much more difficult to tell people they need help (e.g. the stigma against getting tested for STIs, people reporting rape and sexual assault, etc;), communicate with their partner their needs and desires (whether that means they want to abstain or try/explore other forms of sexual play or other actions related to sex), and feel more comfortable in their own bodies.

As for Tarasova & Morozov’s program, here’s a 5-step blueprint on how to change the theme of their program to something about sex positivity and maybe making it a more meaningful program in general

1. Female vocals + getting rid of lyrics about cherries popping (DONE!)

Yes, sex positivity is not just for women but the sad truth is that there is a double standard for women when it comes to sex. While a man who has sex with 100 women might be called a stud, a woman who does the same is called a slut. The female vocals make it so that the protagonist of the program is the woman, who is speaking out about her sexual desires – something that is taboo in many places. Furthermore, the whole “cherry popping” thing has got to go. The myth of the intact hymen as a sign of virginity is simply untrue and frankly, harmful. It insinuates that girls are worth less if they have sex and in some places around the world, it is ABSURD that women get killed or abused simply because their hymens are not intact. Here’s a good video on why this widespread idea that intact hymens = virgin is untrue and plain silly:

2. Ditch the cutesy costume and go for something more mature

Let’s face it – the cutesy costume is a way to cover up the fact that the music is about sex, and that already implies that there’s shame surrounding the idea of sex. Instead, let’s ditch this facade. When I say mature, I don’t mean that it has to be something super revealing with plunging necklines and whatnot but let’s have costumes that show that these are two adults having fun. A flapper costume might be appropriate with the music and how given the history, flappers were women who scoffed at the conservative ideal of socially acceptable norms, which included sex. Worse comes to worse, Tarasova can reuse that dress from a few seasons back.

tarasova morozov

3. Make adjustments to the choreography

At the moment, the story for this program is… I’m not really sure? It’s just cheerful and upbeat and the music is undeniably about sex. Honestly, just take it and run with it. Make an actual narrative – a girl goes out with her lover and has a good time, unashamed about her desire for him, and they have fun. Have them flirt, make Tarasova act like a confident HBIC. The choreography doesn’t need to be crass – just think of all the tango/Latin programs over the years and Virtue & Moir’s Carmen FD.

4. Take away some of the lyrics

Once they have a clearer narrative, there’s no need to spell it out for the audience. They’re using a pop song so the lyrics repeat themselves anyways. Use some of the lyric-silent moments to focus on their movements. No important elements, just storytelling. I mean, they have Robin Szolkowy in their coaching team. He and Aliona were expert storytellers and artists. (I sincerely hope he didn’t come up with the idea for this LP.)

5. Own it

A sex positive program might be a little out there for some people given the current context and state of the world. Think about some of the words the media (and ourselves, most likely) have described sex: sinful, naughty, or as Christina once said, dirty. But with these changes, they’re making a statement and overall, they are good skaters. I doubt the program or story would be revolutionary for some but at the very least, it would be nice to chip away at the attitudes where sex is this taboo, a forbidden fruit that makes you less of a person if you engage it in.

Anyways, this is mostly wishful thinking on many fronts on my part but I thought this would be a fun post to parse out my thoughts. Anyways, to end, here’s a video on what sex ed is like in the Netherlands and some statistics on adolescent sexual health in the U.S. and some European nations, including the Netherlands. It just goes to show that having a sex positive attitude helps people make more informed and healthier decisions when it  comes to sex.

~The Rinkside Cafe


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