Look-Alikes: Yuzuru Hanyu

I’m thinking of planning a family trip to Japan this spring and although I’ve been there once before, I wanted to get more ideas on where to go. I ended up on YouTube and I found myself watching a bunch of videos by an adorable couple, Rachel and Jun since they did a series where they traveled around Japan. (I’ve also been a fan of Jun’s cooking channel for a while.)

At one point, I decided to watch some of their other videos, one of which featured  Jun doing Rachel’s makeup with hilarious results. Rachel apparently got her revenge in another video when she did Jun’s makeup. (Video below…)

Rachel was definitely better at putting on makeup but the results were quite surprising. I guess by enhancing his features and making him look more round and smooth, Jun ended up with a face that looked surprisingly like Yuzuru Hanyu. Here’s a screenshot along with a picture of Yuzu:


Do you see the resemblance? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @RinksideCafe

As well, wonderful readers, have any of you been to Japan or live in Japan? I’m thinking of focusing my trip mostly in the Kyoto and Tokyo areas around cherry blossom season. What places do you recommend visiting or eating? Please let me know in the comments! Any help in planning for this vacation would be much appreciated! As well, where can I find all the products with Yuzu and Mao that everyone keeps talking about?

~The Rinkside Cafe

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  1. Jake
    Feb 19, 2017 @ 03:58:38

    I always enjoy your skaing blog,Thank so much!

    For Tokyo areas around cherry blossom season.
    I heard from a friend of mine the following sky bus course was a good seeing cherry blossom from the seat that open to the sky.

     Imperial Palace-Ginza-Marunouchi Course(T01 course)
    I think we can see cherry blossom only at the Imperial Palace and after the bus throgh The Diet Building there are also cherry blossom beside the road of Goverment ministries building district,Kasumigaseki area.

    Here are its bus infomation by English.
    and ,a japanese are showing this bus his experiment of seeing cherry blossom.

    The cherry blossom full open day in Tokyo,30 th March in those 3 years,2014 2015 2016,
    After Blossom full open day we enjoy cherry blossom about one week.
    its depend on year ‘s weather changing when it is the full blossom open day,change year by year.


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