Victoria Sinitsina & Nikita Katsalapov Skate Together

This video emerged showing the new partnership of Victoria Sinitsina & Nikita Katsalapov skating together. I believe Marina Zueva choreographed this routine (correct me if I’m wrong) and she seems to have styled them more elegantly with vestiges of Tessa & Scott showing in some (or actually, a lot of) moments in that routine.

However, they don’t quite have that unison and that connection that makes them look at if they breathe at the same time and Nikita looks dead and tired throughout this program. That may change but this is a pretty interesting first look at this pair. They certainly need polish but they’re not terrible as a whole. There was that dicey moment in that curve lift that scared me a little bit but overall they seem to work well with each other. I’d have to see more technical skating before I pass any more sort of judgments on their career success.

What do you think of this pair? Let me know in the comments!

~The Rinkside Cafe

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Luiza
    Jun 01, 2014 @ 19:38:12

    You have every reason at various times seemed Tessa and Scott.


  2. Grace Wilson
    Jun 03, 2014 @ 21:49:47

    Very Tessa and Scott, but I really liked it. Needs polish, but my main fault would be that I can’t take my eyes of her, but like you said Nikita seems, maybe flat is the best word.


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