Dancing with Meryl and Charlie (Weeks 4 to 6)

I was initially going to put up links to videos on one post only but I didn’t like how cluttered that would seem so I’ll put 3 weeks worth of dances per post. This post will be updated as the weeks go by. So, enjoy seeing Meryl & Charlie on Dancing with the Stars! Does anyone watch the show religiously/steadily? What do you think of Meryl & Charlie’s progress? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!

Week 4:

There’s more sex in this tango than in all the combined performances of her and Charlie’s 2010/2011 FD but to me, tangos and Meryl don’t seem to go together. I think it’s her leg lines that bother me. Still though, it looks like Meryl is the front runner, even leading Charlie at this point after looking at the DWTS18 wikipedia page.

Week 5:

It’s Disney week and we don’t use a song from a movie where there’s a Disney princess that Meryl looks like? Blasphemy.

Decent dance, though I expected better from Charlie since this style tends to be his and Meryl’s forte, along with the passionate, rushing style.

Week 6:

The interesting thing about Meryl here is seeing the relationship between herself and her partner. Meryl & Charlie didn’t get a show like Tessa and Scott but even in interviews, M&C don’t seem as chummy or cutesy as their arch rivals. This is interesting because Meryl seems to have more chemistry with Maks than she ever did with Charlie. I quite like seeing this side of Meryl.

This dance brought a smile to my face. Still though, Sharna, you have to know that that their arch-rivals have an iconic exhibition to that song.

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