Gracie Gold, Media Darling

For a while, I knew that as soon as Gracie Gold showed that she was a capable competitor, the USFSA would dump Ashley Wagner and throw their support behind the bubbly, pretty blonde with the perfect last name. This season, it happened when Gracie won U.S. Nationals and headed to Sochi as the U.S.’ leading lady. Even though she didn’t win any medals, Gracie has set herself up very well for the next Olympic cycle and to boot, she’s become a media darling. She’s been on Jay Leno and goodness knows what else on American television. Earlier this month, renowned Youtubers, Benny and Rafi Fine asked Gracie on Twitter to appear on an episode of “Teens React.”

finebros gracie goldI hope that Gracie does end up on an episode. I also hope that they manage to get Frank Carroll on “Elders React.” I mean, Mr. Carroll is a legend… he was Michelle Kwan’s coach!

In any case, Gracie is getting even more media attention nowadays with this…

A viral video from a guy asking Gracie to prom!

He appeared on a TV as a surprise and even got a chance to give her flowers.

As for her reply? “If it works out I would love to.”

If Gracie can stay healthy and skate her best leading up to Pyeongchang, I have a feeling we’re witnessing the birth of a huge star that is the next American Ice Princess.

~The Rinkside Cafe

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