Maybe I Should Start Memorizing the ISU Guidelines…

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted as frequently, it’s because I’m taking a little breather. I’ll still write when I have the inclination but I need a little break before Worlds to recharge and produce high quality posts that both you and I will like. Still, there are tons of posts from the past that you might be interested in like my recaps of all the Olympic events:



Thank you guys so much for so many of your insightful comments on the Olympic ladies event post. There were so many good points that I missed while writing this and I hope that you guys keep commenting. I’m thinking of doing a post that will include your comments and a few of my thoughts along with it in the near future. So please, let me know your opinions!


Ice Dance

In any case, the point of this post is that something kind of funny happened. I was a little bit bored and a friend of mine was posting links to left and right-brained tests. Even though the theory of left and right-brainedness doesn’t hold up (we use all parts of our brain all the time), personality quizzes are always fun. I decided to take it and lo and behold, I got this result:

left and right brainApparently I should be a figure skating judge.

I wonder if Skate Canada would be willing to let me join their ranks considering I don’t believe in nationalism, don’t worship Patrick Chan and don’t think that Sale & Pelletier should’ve won that gold medal.

Just for fun, make up a job description for figure skating judges in the comments box below! Because after that ladies event, I am in need of laughter.

~The Rinkside Cafe


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