Olympic Figure Skating Starts in Less than 24 Hours!

It’s been a whirlwind of posts and I’m all tuckered out. However, here is a roundup post of all sorts of links that can help you be the ultimate Olympic figure skating fan! Remember: figure skating events begin on February 6th while the opening ceremonies are on February 7th.

sochi mascots

For a schedule of events and information on all things Sochi 2014, here is the official website of this year’s Winter Games.

This is the ISU’s official page for the Olympics. I will put up the link to the protocols and scores if they ever show up. I finally found the protocols page. Who’s a fan of the site redesign? Not me.

For those who may not have access to a TV or all the channels, Hot Blades Hot Passion has written a post with a schedule of the figure skating events and livestream links.

If you have trouble figuring out time zones and what not, here is the time in Sochi along with the times of all the Olympic events.

Want to know who I think will win the Olympics? Check out my Olympic predictions post!

Be an informed figure skating viewer! I did a series of Skating 101 posts explaining some of the basics in figure skating today. Check them out below!

History of the 6.0 and Code of Points Judging System

The Basics of the Code of Points Judging System

Olympic Berths and Teams: How We Decided Who and How Many Go to the Olympics

Figure Skating Jumps

Figure Skating Spins

Pairs Skating Elements

Ice Dance

If you want to see what the athletes are competing for, here’s a post on the Olympic and Paralympic medals!

Don’t know who the animals are in the picture above? They’re the mascots of this year’s games! See them and the other mascot contenders (and my snarky comments) in this post!

Wasn’t paying attention to the entire figure skating season before the Olympics? I compiled a list of my favourite programs this season! Many of these programs are from top teams/skaters!

You’re ready for the Olympics!

~The Rinkside Cafe

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  1. Alicia Bendz
    Feb 10, 2014 @ 18:02:26

    I like the mascots 🙂


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