GPF 2013: What just happened?

I’m still catching up with the GPF performances but I just have to comment on this:

isu gpf2013 mens lp

I woke up to this and I wondered if I was reading this right.

Yuzuru’s had asthma since childhood and it’s not unusual to see Yuzuru hunched over or lying on the ice after his long program, in which he is weaker at. I expected Yuzuru to not only make mistakes to not win the short program and I thought than Chanflation with a good skate would be enough to push Chan back into gold medal position – because we all know that Chan’s been given ridiculous scores for mediocre performances in the past. However, all of my assumptions proved to be wrong. Chan skated well and his score is deserved but then, it seems that Yuzuru delivered as well…

He had a fall on his quad salchow and possibly a slightly clumsy spin at the very end but there was Yuzuru in attack mode again, expressing the music well and throwing down the gauntlet with every element. I especially loved that spread eagle into the triple axel-double tano double-toe.

I think we all thought that Patrick Chan was unbeatable this season and I’m so happy that Yuzuru managed to prove us wrong. Ganbare, Yuzuru-kun~! おめでとうございます! Congratulations on a well-deserved gold medal!

What a great way to celebrate one’s 19th birthday! Happy birthday, Yuzuru! お誕生日おめでとう!

gpf 13 mens podium

Were you as surprised as I was? Let me know what you thought of the men’s competition in the comments!

~The Rinkside Cafe


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MMM
    Dec 07, 2013 @ 00:35:16

    Love your blog btw. I adore Yuzu and he deserved the win, but the pcs scoring in the FS especially was a little…odd to say the least (and I mean for everyone). 92 is quite a lot and maybe he should have been a couple of components lower. I can’t really argue about his TES though i think he has the best jumps of anyone in the world (I think he should turn that 4S into a another 4T…). Anyway, I am happy he celebrated his 19th birthday gold medal (which I thought would never happen lol).


  2. Andrea Kobayashi (@AndreaKobayashi)
    Dec 07, 2013 @ 20:33:16

    Hanyu’s strength and fitness training during the summer is paying dividends in keeping his asthma in check; he doesn’t lose steam so much in the 2nd half now. I thought last year that Hanyu could take gold at Sochi. Now I’m really beginning to believe it 😉 Nice to see “papa” Oda hold his own for the bronze. Looking forward very much now to the Nationals. Really good skating blog. Arigatou!


  3. Sonia Valentine
    Feb 16, 2014 @ 21:05:55

    Finally i found a blog where the main topic is figure skating :D. I don’t know all that much about details and personal stories behind the skaters, ever since i started watching figure skating shows, world championships and olympic games i was mesmerized by this sport. It is all about art, dance, determination and performance. I must say i don’t really watch the pairs figure skating, only male and female individual figure skating, i guess i find it more thrilling since they alone are the only ones they can count on during their performance on the rink. At first my favorite was Evgeni Plushenko and the reasons are obvious. He was unbeatable and an amazing performer throughout his career, it’s sad that he had to withdraw from Sochi because of his pain and i know how hard he worked to be able to deliver at Sochi. I read somewhere that he has 5 injections a day to be able to skate :(…i hope he will be able to come back in better shape again.
    Then i met Stephane Lambiel and i was so mesmerized, because he was the best artist on ice. He probably wasn’t as good as Plushenko at technical elements but nobody was more expressive and artistical than him. Now he is no longer competing and chose to be a professional.
    Afterwards i met Daisuke Takahashi whom i really appreciate and like, both for technical part and artistical, and Dennis Ten, a rising star ( i am glad he won bronze at Sochi). Patrick Chen is also a very good performer but i can’t say he is very expressive. I believe there are very few figure skaters who actually find pleasure in skating, they feel the emotion, they dedicate body and soul to skating and they love every single time to perform. I noticed most of them don’t look so happy when they perform, they prepare their jumps ( triple axels and triple toes) many times before they actually jump, with some sort of tensed and stressed look on their faces. I feel they do it mainly because of obligation, as a representative of their country, and they lack passion and emotion, so they don’t stand out.
    A month ago i found out about YUZURU HANYU and, be still my heart, i once again was amazed and hypnotized. This skater seems to have everything i look for when i watch figure skating, he has the determination, the strong will, the passion, the natural talent, the outstanding flexibility, the stamina ( despite his asthma problems he delivers everytime), he is just….magical. Innocent, shy and joyful when he’s not on the rink, beautiful, amazing, wild, mysterios and passionate once he starts performing. A true perfectionist. His favorite skater is Plushenko and he also uses some of the moves that Lambiel uses, as graceful as him. He is my ultimate idol and i’m his loyal fan. I am so happy for him and so proud of him, he deserves 110% that gold medal at Sochi.
    I’m glad i wasn’t the only one who noticed he looks like an anime character haha…he reminds me of Kirito from Sword Art Online. He’s just…lovely.

    As for female figure skaters, when i was little i loved Michell Kwan, then Shizuka Arakawa ( Yuzuru practiced a few times with her and he learned to do that back-fall beautifully, i don’t remember the name for that element). Mao Asada also left a strong first impression since she was the only female figure skater to do a triple axel, right ? She is passionate and a great performer. But the one queen of ice for me is Yuna Kim, i don’t have enough words to describe how i feel when she skates. She has it all, class, grace, style, delicacy, softness, stamina, fluent moves, beauty, beautiful costumes to complete the impression, she’s like a ballerina on ice. She always nails all the technical elements also but i guess she is more conservative and never tried a triple axel. Nonetheless she delivers every time, and i hope she wins at Sochi.


    • rinksidecafe
      Feb 16, 2014 @ 23:40:36

      Wow, I’m glad you’re enjoying the sport!
      The signature move from Shizuka is called the layback ina bauer and she does it best. As for the triple axel, it’s a very difficult jump because the axel requires an extra 1/2 rotation because it has a forward takeoff so the triple axel is actuall 3.5 rotations in the air. Many men, like Patrick Chan and Stephane Lambiel have struggled with it and it’s a staple in men’s figure skating. Yuna isn’t the only lady to not do the triple axel – only 5 women have done it in an ISU-sanctioned competition in the entire history of figure skating.
      I hope you do give pairs and ice dance a chance – there are so many good competitors this season!


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