Highlights from Skate America 2013: Day 2, Part II and Day 3

elene g 13 sa lp

To finish up the highlights post for Day 2 of Skate America 2013, here are the highlights of the Men’s LP and Dance FD competitions…

It’s good to see Adam Rippon back on track. Other than the huge fall at the beginning, I think we’re starting to see a more matured Adam.

The rest of the men’s event was a bit of a clusterfuck for me, hence why I’m not including any more videos. Bloody hell, I was subjected to a riverdance program. I think that speaks for itself.

The performance of the night, though, belonged to Meryl & Charlie. This program has improved so much since the last time they performed it in competition. They looked a little shaky on the lift where Meryl is upside-down and vertical but this is classic D/W and a solid step in the right direction for Sochi.

Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte delivered another solid performance with a very joyful program to the Barber of Seville. I could swear that two of the lifts at the end came from Meryl & Charlie and Tessa & Scott programs, which is a pity because this team is starting to establish a signature joyful style that they can use to enhance their programs. Now, we just have to see if Igor can realize this so he can stop copying the top two teams.

Compared to a lot of pairs programs at this competition, this one was tolerable and mildly entertaining (unlike another program done by World Champions) and was not skated as if the team was half dead and afraid to win (*cough* Moore-Towers & Moscovitch *cough*). In any case, I’d like to move on from the pairs competition…

This wasn’t a perfect performance but Mao is right on track with her comeback on the road to Sochi. This program shows her off quite well – it contrasts with her more twinkly and light SP, it highlights her flow and it allows her to show that she has a sense of maturity that wasn’t there in Vancouver.

Liza didn’t do very well in the SP but came back and showed us that she still had it in the LP. Her Malaguena program is nothing to boast about but her jumps are gorgeous here – especially the two lutzes at the beginning.

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