A Pleasant Surprise

So if you’ve followed me for long enough, you know that I kind of dislike exhibition skates and skating shows like Stars on Ice because skaters don’t want to risk injury so they skate safe. In other words, most exhibition skates to me are super boring and irritating because the crowd are generally appreciative of the cheap big tricks.

As for the pleasant surprise, I’ll start with this admission: I find Meryl Davis and Charlie White kind of boring when they do exhibitions. They tone down their content like the other skaters and they can’t seem to get away with romance themed programs because their chemistry and connection is lacking. I like Meryl and Charlie as I do Stephen King novels – fast and furious with a huge driving force behind their art which is why their drama-laden programs (aka Samson and Delilah, PotO) are fun to watch. In any case, ridiculous metaphors aside, I found this year’s exhibition a huge surprise. Meryl and Charlie aren’t known for their lines but I like this calm, lyrical program that has a good clean feel to it. No overwrought angst or cheesy smiles, just elegance.


~The Rinkside Cafe

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