The Highlight of the World Team Trophy 2013: Day 1

So it was a funny situation yesterday. In the evening, I was working on something when suddenly, I just couldn’t concentrate. Something was off and whenever I tried to go back to my task, I just couldn’t do it. I looked at the time on the corner of my computer screen and saw the time. “Maybe it’s time I just call it a night,” I thought. But then I saw the date and thought, “Hey! The WTT starts tomorrow!” But then, I realized, it was already tomorrow in Japan! My figure skating senses were tingling and they did so just enough to catch the last half of the short dances! So, I pretty much watched the entire competition and a few things became clear.

Adelina Sotnikova 13 WTT SP

Adelina beckons you in…

1. Gracie Gold is very likely to win the U.S. National crown next year. The margin between the two U.S. ladies isn’t that high for the SP at the WTT but somehow, I feel as if Gracie will do better than Wagner in the LP.

2. Most of the night was just a hot mess. Especially in the singles competition. It was a miracle if you could do your first jumping pass and land it, let alone land it cleanly.

3. I thought that Chan skated well enough to earn the top spot and his PCS was close enough to Daisuke’s which I thought was fair. What really struck me was how silent the crowd was before and after his performance. I don’t think they’ve completely forgiven him for a few of his victories.

4. THE YANKEE POLKAS ARE DONE!!!!!! No more cowboys, crazy clowns and other tacky programs. Bring on the Finnstep!

5. While watching the ladies competition and the men’s competition, I just thought, “What happened to lovely lines in singles skating?” I needed to detox with a few Sasha Cohen programs afterwards.

6. Adelina got dealt better cards than Liza in the game of puberty. I’m quite worried about Liza’s future at this point – I don’t think she’ll be able to work through her growth spurt. You can see how tough she’s taking it – she’s been losing her star power and conviction in her skating lately.

7. Adelina came out as the top lady after the SP but the performance of the night and the award for the one highlight of an evening of hot messes belongs to… Akiko Suzuki! It was so cute how Team Japan and the crowd were chanting “Akiko” before she skated and you could see her light up with confidence afterwards. She gave an amazing performance. I just wish there was a better quality video out there. This is undoubtedly the best she’s ever skated this SP.


Day 2 of the World Team Trophy is in half an hour! You can catch the action live and free from the ISU site (unless you’re in Japan or Korea, I think)!

My predictions are going to be so messed up by the end of tonight.

~The Rinkside Cafe


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  1. yuji
    Apr 14, 2013 @ 10:15:42

    >What really struck me was how silent the crowd was before and after his performance.

    I was at the arena that day but the crowd was not at all silent before and after Patrick’s performance. What did you see? ….It’s really strange.


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