And this, my friends, is what the future European Champions are skating to this season…

There’s a backlog of figure skating that I need to watch hence my lack of posts between competitions but I did want to keep an eye out for the Russians this season since Sochi 2014 is just around the corner and Elena Ilinykh has just raised the fortunes of her team by dating a certain Russian gino. Admittedly their FD from last year was completely unmemorable. I just remember bad music cuts and that’s pretty much it.

As for this year…

So they’re skating to the soundtrack of “Ghost.” I haven’t seen the film but after the dialogue in the program, I have a hard time taking it seriously.

“Hey you! Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you there, Sam??? (I have no clue what the heck those last two words were…)”

“Help him! Help me! He’s shot!” *insert dramatic 90s screaming woman voice here*

I’m looking at the film’s wikipedia entry and I have a hard time believing this is in any way a good film. I also can’t quite take this hot mess program very seriously either and have serious doubts that Nikolai Morozov choreographed this completely sober. It’s almost as if he’s seeing how batshit crazy his programs can go until the judges go, “Hey, Russian gino, you’re affiliated with Mother Russia and all but you need to lay off the vodka if you want your current girlfriend to medal.”

I’m not sure how strongly Mother Russia will be laying down the politicking but with the Elena-Morozov relationship and Sochi not too far up ahead, Nathalie and Fabian may need to step aside for these youngin’s… I just hope that the judges rein this in and doesn’t let I/K win important competitions or medals (aka the GPF, Euros and Worlds) with this… crazy piece of apeshit mess.

And for I/K fans, I’m really not trying to be mean to Elena and Nikita but you know they can do so much better than this.

What are your thoughts on the “Ghost” program?

~The Rinkside Cafe

P.S. To my darling friend and reader Ay-sa, we should somehow magically meet up despite our busy schedules and watch this movie. With a bottle of vodka and some cranberry juice. I don’t particularly want to watch this corny film but I long to hear your snarky comments.

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  1. MB
    Nov 15, 2012 @ 16:11:44

    I/K’s program would be better if it were set to the soundtrack of the Ghost movie (minus the talking, obviously). They’re actually using the sountrack to the Broadway theatrical verison of Ghost from last year… The movie isn’t actually that bad for what it is; however, the theatrical version was pretty much universally panned though.

    No matter the source of the music though, this is one of the worst FD’s ever.


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