Beginning of the Season Predictions for Worlds 2013

I’m working on Skate America predictions, I swear but I figured it would be fun to make predictions for the World Champion at the beginning of the season and see how close or how far my predictions are many months down the road. I won’t make any silver or bronze predictions just because I’m so short on time (so many chores and other things to do!) and I need to write the Skate America predictions before the competition starts on Friday.

Let’s begin!

So just to remind you, Worlds will be in London, Ontario, Chanada Canada this year. The above picture is there for foreshadowing…


Patrick Chan.

Do I seriously need to elaborate? I mean, you’re probably reading this blog because you care and know something about the figure skating world. Or maybe you’re one of my friends wondering why there are so many posts from this blog on my facebook wall. In that case, I’ll just say that in the crazy slippery world of competitive figure skating, we all know that Patrick Chan can fall or wipe his ass all over the ice and still be World Champion. Case and point? Worlds 2012.


Yuna Kim is coming back and so is Miki Ando, rumour has it. Mao recently skated in the Japan Open and looked a lot better than she was last season but her lack of triple axel is conspicuous. If Yuna still has those triple-triple combinations, she should be able to beat Carolina Kostner who despite her lovely programs last year, has weaker jump content. Yuna is a good performer and with clean programs, she can dominate the field again and humble the Russian babies a little bit.


This is going to be a tough match-up between Aliona Savchenko & Robin Szalkowy and Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov. I really hate that LP I saw from V&T at the Russian test skates but we all know that the ISU will be on Skate Chanada coolaid because of worlds and some Mother Russia vodka because of Sochi 2014 in terms of politicking. This year might be the year Aliona & Robin lose their title. There might be some bullshit judging involved. Especially when it comes to Max and Tanya’s LP. The choreography is so cringe-worthy, I can’t think about it for any longer lest I suffer from brain damage. In any case, expect the Russians to set the field for Sochi to reclaim their pairs gold medal.

Ice Dance

If you thought Patrick Chan would gain an advantage at Worlds this year, may I remind you that Tessa and Scott are *FROM* London, Ontario (or Ilderton, which isn’t that far off from it)? With the recent split in Team Canton at Arctic Edge between Marina and Igor, I can’t help but feel that Meryl & Charlie are going to get a bit screwed over this season. Most fans have felt that Marina prefers Tessa & Scott not to mention Marina is a coach, choreographer AND a businesswoman who profits from her teams winning. A team winning on home ice will likely generate more endorsements (and it helps that people already know Tessa & Scott from their Olympic victory and past endorsements) than a team who hasn’t had many endorsements and are in a discipline the USFSA doesn’t care that much about. Davis & White are a fabulous team and are probably the best of the American competitive figure skating roster nowadays but they are getting screwed over by the USFSA’s obsession with the ladies’ discipline and their need to find the next Michelle Kwan.

This is not that I’m being cynical or doubtful about Tessa and Scott’s ability to take the title fairly from Meryl & Charlie. I have full confidence that they will be able to do it. However, you can’t deny that there will be quite a bit of politicking going on behind the scenes this year for Canada’s sweethearts.

Anyways, we’ll see what happens.

What are your predictions for Worlds this year? We should set up a friendly competition to see who’s predictions are the most correct. Winner gets bragging rights.

~The Rinkside Cafe

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