The Season Hasn’t Even Started and I’m Already Apprehensive About the SDs…

I saw a few tweets about Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje competing at the Ondrej Nepela Memorial in Bratislava, Slovenia today and decided to take a look at their SD seeing that I couldn’t preview Tessa & Scott’s SD now that they’ve withdrawn from the Finlandia Trophy (hoping that Scott has a speedy recovery). I’m still not a huge fan of the SD format and I dread going through a slew of really tacky Yankee Polka SDs but since Kaitlyn & Andrew had my favourite SDs in the last two seasons, I figured that I might see something somewhat decent at least.

First of all, this the reason why I kind of dread watching the Yankee Polka dances. They’re really tacky and as much as I do like Isabelle Delobel & Olivier Schoenfelder… well… seriously guys, COW BOYS? With the lasso, bar wench and chaps??? *headdesk*

You two are better artistes than that.

Anyways, onwards to Kaitlyn and Andrew.

Weaver & Poje’s program clearly suffers from musical schizophrenia with slapdash and rather random cuts from The Sound of Music soundtrack haphazardly put together like some crazy jigsaw puzzle that doesn’t really make much sense. I think the team were doing their best to channel Tessa & Scott who often put on huge smiles that make their faces glow while doing uplifting, floaty compulsory dances but unfortunately, Kaitlyn & Andrew have yet to achieve the lustre of the Olympic champions in this area. I suppose they’ll have to grow into their program (if it’s possible to grow into something so ADHD) and that lovely simple outfit from Kaitlyn will hopefully help.

On a more positive note, these two are zooming across the ice and I quite like their speed. On the other hand, these two need to be a bit more bouncy and energetic and have a little more control and polish over the ice. I suspect this has something to do with the newness of their program as well as their new level of speed but they felt a bit sloppy for me. The count to the music felt a bit off but that could be my musical inexperience. All in all, a decent start to the season though I do hope they give their music a little bit of adderall. (Besides, I thought the ISU put in a rule two years ago about making the cuts less “random.” Unless you’re sleeping with Nikolai Morozov that is. Then logic and everything good just goes out the window.)


~The Rinkside Cafe

P.S. Anyone get the feeling that the Shibutanis will be pretty good this year in the SD? Their cheerfulness and sibling relationship might be good for this whimsical, kind of cutesy dance.


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