Team Canton Update: Virtue & Moir Staying with Marina – Confirmed

Although the article in my last post stated that all the top teams were staying with Marina Zueva, Skate Canada had yet to give its confirmation though as I said before, I think most of us would suspect that if any of the top 3 teams would defect to Igor, it would be Davis & White. In any case, according to this article, Skate Canada has now confirmed that the top Canadians are staying with Zueva. Unsurprising since I think they’re Marina’s favourites with her comparison of Tessa and Scott with the legendary Ekaterina Gordeeva & Sergei Grinkov and all.

Aunt Joyce has noted in this post that Igor was the technician who brought the Latin flair into a lot of Team Canton’s programs. I hope that Marina can find a suitable replacement because she cannot let any of the talent at Arctic Edge go to waste. On the flip side, I really don’t mind NOT seeing another Latin program from these teams. The Shibutanis need to figure out how to do sexy despite their siblinghood, Davis & White has yet to deliver a Latin routine that really excites me while I’m getting tired of the romantic or Latin themed programs from Tessa & Scott. Seriously, I want to see something different from them this season. Shock me and skate to something with heavy dramatiks (typo intentional) or skate to a story that isn’t romantic or sexy. Please, just stop being white bread. I have yet to be super excited for a V/M program since their Olympic season and they really need to bring fresh life into their skating. They said they were going to be innovative and take ice dance to whole new levels… so it’s time to be incomprehensibly creative like the French. Besides, this is the season to do it – branch out to show versatility and then stick to your big guns for the Olympics.


~Rinkside Cafe

Edit: Here is the official statement from Skate Canada.


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