Exhibitions at their Best

I have a confession to make: I kind of dislike watching the galas at the end of competitions. And skating shows like Stars on Ice. Skaters understandably play it safe in these shows because it’s all about the money but not worth an injury that would cost them a season. That and last time I was at Stars on Ice, no one else seemed to appreciate or clap at anything that wasn’t a jump or a lift. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if most people who watch skating are not too informed about the sport. My mum still encourages skaters to keep jumping after they’ve fallen in their SP… even if it was their third jumping pass. She still won’t get it despite the fact that I’ve told her about ten million times that there are three sets of jumps in the short program. Sigh.

In any case, here are a few exhibitions that aren’t just bits of the skater’s programs melded together in this awkward fashion to pop music. What I like about these exhibitions are their intricacies, emotional impact and just plain beauty.

The butter-like smoothness to the skating, the transitions into elements that make you gasp in surprise when you see the end result of the transition, the raw emotion and the skilled execution make this one of my favourite exhibition programs ever.

Although I love Mao’s “Por Una Cabeza” and “Chopin’s Ballade No. 1” exhibitions just as much, I chose to feature “Caprice” in this post because of its flirtiness, the tasteful use of the accessory and the great use of simple elements to accentuate the crescendos in the music. (I love that spiral at the beginning.)

Their connection and perfection is just wonderful. ‘Nuff said.

This is technically not an exhibition skated at a gala but it’s not a competition program either. I love how Kurt makes skating look so easy. Even in the rain. And with an umbrella.

These two are so creative and there’s a functional use for the scarves. They made Evanescence cool even if they aren’t anymore.

I love how the spread eagles were timed to the music. That and I don’t know anyone else who can touch the audience like the Kween.

Any exhibitions that you love?

~The Rinkside Cafe


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