3 Programs I’d Like to See Next Year


A program is usually meant to last for a season but a reused program is often one that has not attained perfection either because the choreography is lacking or the skater has yet to skate it to a certain level of perfection. Here are 3 programs I feel deserve another chance next season:

Jeremy Abbott, Exogenesis


Oh Jeremy, so much talent… if only you can hold it together. Exogenesis is a lovely intricate program that deserves a perfect skate. It showcases Abbott’s skating skills – it’s a difficult program to execute but on a good day, Jeremy’s able to weave gorgeous transitional elements between the jumps and when that happens, it’s pure gold. In general, a good break from Morozov programs.

Akiko Suzuki, Die Fledermaus


The JSF can be reluctant to back Akiko but at 27, she’s a fighter and now, a deserving World medalist. However, Akiko’s best quality is really her love and passion for skating that shines through at every performance and her ability to bounce back and sell her programs despite any mistakes she makes. Die Fledermaus could do with some tweaks in the choreography – maybe be a little better timed to the music and have a few more transitions – but it was a great program for highlighting Akiko’s new confidence and poise that was evident from the very beginning of the season. I doubt that she’ll use this program again but I know I’ll be looking forward to her skate no matter what she skates to next season.

Ashley Wagner, Black Swan


Although I did say that I’m not a huge fan of Ashley Wagner in another post, I admit that I adore the cheesy choreography in her spiral sequence in Black Swan. Although this program has carried Wagner to several victories and medals, I feel that the choreography can be improved. The beginning of the program is quite empty and it feels as if most of the music is taken up by Wagner skating around to prepare for jumps.

Which programs do you want to see again next season?

~The Rinkside Cafe


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