Worlds 2012 – Ice Dance SD

So, unlike the pairs and ladies event that just ended, ice dance wasn’t as random and unpredictable. The top two teams are undoubtedly from King Igor and Queen Marina’s kingdom, the question was, who would be first after the SD?

Surprisingly, the ones on top after the SD are Tessa & Scott. Not that these two aren’t great but the result is surprising because this is their first SD victory over Davis and White this season. Both top teams earned a level 3 for their rhumba sequence but the rest of their elements were enough to keep them on top.

In the case of Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir, this is the best I’ve ever seen them skate their SD. The changes they made to the program since the beginning of the program has made the overall choreography look more smooth, less choppy and schizophrenic and therefore, super sexy. I’m also in love with those twizzles. I’ve never seen them do them so fast. They skated with attack and they were glowing with confidence and I’m happy to say that this is the first time I’ve actually enjoyed watching this SD. (I’ve preferred Kaitlyn & Andrew’s programs this season.)

On another note, I love Queen Marina’s sense of style. Very diva.

1st – 72.31

Admittedly, I liked Meryl & Charlie’s SD better at the beginning of the season. It was somehow more catchy and less… bad than Tessa and Scott’s cluttery FD-turned-SD. Technically, these two are proficient and they zoom across the ice effortlessly. Performance-wise, they can take a page out of their training partners’ book. They can make all the jibes of faking a romance all they want but throughout the program (and especially during the ending pose), I thought I was watching some cheesy brother and sister team. Also, Meryl seems to have taken a page out of Evan Lysacek’s book and has started to swing her arms wildly about. Please stop, you’re better than that.

2nd – 70.98

Of the top 3, Nathalie Pechalat & Fabian Bourzat are the only ones to have gotten a level 4 for their rhumba pattern. Despite their scores and whatnot, I just have to ask: what the hell did I just watch? From the beginning, I could just feel the aura of their weird “Life is Beautiful” goes to the circus FD from a few years back that gave me nightmares. When the music changed and became faster, they started moving like preppy cheerleaders. There was no sex in that program and even worse than cheesy brother and sister, it felt like watching asexual circus clowns dashing about. (I think I’m going to have nightmares of their circus FD again…) Their lift at the beginning was cluttery a la Marina Zueva/Igor Shpilband and what the f&5$ is up with those costumes? I don’t get it. Maybe it’s because they’re French and having creative borderline-weird dance programs is mandatory. I really try to like these two because they are super nice to their fans but I don’t know if I can fully appreciate their… um… uniqueness…

3rd place – 69.13

Sadly, unless P&B splat like they did last year, Kaitlyn and Andrew are not likely to win the bronze despite having a great FD. They are in some sort of striking distance of bronze (which I’m sure they’re aiming for) but I’m not sure if they can beat P&B’s home ice advantage. Here’s to hoping that Kaitlyn & Andrew snatch the bronze. They skated this SD with as much attack as they could muster. You can tell that they want this bronze badly. If they weren’t so sloppy in some of their transitions, I would’ve easily given them the 3rd spot but as it stands, I would say that the margin between them and P&B should’ve been a bit smaller. I don’t think any other program got the crowd as much as these two.

4th – 66.47

Elena Ilinykh & Nikita Katsalapov are a gorgeous couple who move across the ice with great speed and wonderful deep edges. For such a young team, I’m very impressed with their technical ability. My issue with this SD? They’ve taken a page from Evan Lysacek’s book and their arms are all over the place during the non-rhumba sections. The ending was super frantic and it looked like some crazy epileptic attack on ice. These two have a lot of potential as competitors as well as skaters that can bring the art even further but they seriously need to get better music and choreography that doesn’t completely suck. Also, they both need to go to twizzle boot camp.
5th –  65.34

Special mentions

The Shibutanis are really getting screwed over this season after their successful senior debut last year. The SD this year required teams to do a sexy dance style which isn’t very advantageous for brother-sister teams while they and Meryl & Charlie should’ve switched FDs. Here, they skated with more maturity than last season and they were somehow less cheesy and sibling-like than Meryl & Charlie. There was good energy throughout the performance but the program itself was pretty bland in terms of choreography and chemistry. They also earned a level 2 on their circular step sequence. I think it’s obvious that they’re being put aside by Marina and Igor for the #1 and #2 team in the world. I also think it’s safe to say that they’re not within striking distance of the podium but as long as they’re patient enough to wait for Meryl & Charlie’s retirement, they’ll have a bright future.

7th – 62.35

After watching this program by Ekaterina Bobrova & Dmitri Sloviev, all I have to say is that i want those 2 minutes of my life back. I am now not surprised as to why they’re in 9th place with 58.29 points. Firstly, I had always noted that this team was a tad off somehow but I couldn’t put my finger on it until my fellow friend and reader, Ay-sa, noted that Bobrova has poor posture. Now I can’t think of anything but that. The skate felt very sloppy throughout and it didn’t help that they fell randomly after the second rumba sequence. I guess the Russian splatfest lives on in ice dance. As for their music… well, if Florent Amodio stays with Morozov after this season, I suppose he can use it seeing how random the cuts are. It’s just right up Florent’s alley according to the voodoo gino.

In any case, the FD should be an exciting event, especially when watching the battle for gold and bronze. Both the U.S and Canada should expect 3 spots at Worlds next year barring some freak accidents. I’m uber excited for “Je Suis Malade!” Don’t disappoint me, Kaitlyn & Andrew!

~The Rinkside Cafe


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