All my tweets on Euros in one post

Rather than just spamming my Twitter with all sorts of tweets about Euros (most of my followers are my close friends and most of my readers don’t follow me on Twitter anyways – don’t worry, you’re not missing much), I’ll just write my sentiments in 140 characters or less here.

Savchenko & Szolkowy out of #Euros2012. Mother Russia is pleased.

Just saw the pairs results for #Euros2012. Mother Russia is laughing in her bejeweled fur-lined dress.#MotherRussiaDomination

You know that Bazarova/Larionov are just dreading the moment Vera has her growth spurt. Her jumps are barely existent.

Good for Stefania Berton and Ondrej Hotarek for a respectable 4th place finish at #Euros2012~! Very proud of this pair!

What happened Javier? What happened!? You could’ve taken silver at least!

I guess Plushenko is still the Platinum King. Now if only he would tone down the windmill arms. #MotherRussiadomination

Will Mother Russia be able to prevail against Skate Chanada? #MotherRussiadomination???

(On a side note, I think that Mother Russia might just lose the battle against Skate Chanada.)

Dear Florent, You’re wasting your talent on Morozombie program. Run, Florent, RUN!!!

Artur, I don’t see the vampire in you. Maybe you should add more sparkles to your costume.

Tomas and Michal are officially the washed out Czechs. Sigh. What are we supposed to do with you two?

#Euros2012 ladies event: a one pony race. The silver & bronze medalists should be glad Liza & Adelina weren’t there. #MotherRussiaDomination

Pechalat/Bourzat should be able to take bronze this year. Unless they fall again. Then Bobrova/Sloviev will probably pick up the pieces.

Let’s just say Liza & Adelina were in #Euros2012 – then Mother Russia would have 9 of 12 medals. #MotherRussiaDomination #Sochi2014

Tagline for the entire event basically: #MotherRussiaDomination

For the full results of #Euros2012, just click here!

Let’s see how Four Continents play out shall we?

~The Rinkside Cafe


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