Cup of Russia 2011: My hero

I was live-streaming the men’s long program for the Cup of Russia but the stream was really choppy by the time they got to the last 4 men. My stream was literally 2 seconds of figure skating, 10 second pause, skip, another 2 seconds of figure skating and… another pause. I had pretty much given up on watching and just ran the rest of the stream anyways just to see to the end. The video was so choppy that I had no clue that Jeremy Abbott was a headcase in his long because all I could see was the flow from the occasional transition movement that the stream decided to show me.

Jeremy’s program is rather interesting and intricate – though it looks too busy at some parts – and it was luckily awarded the PCS it deserved. This is a difficult program and I hope Jeremy can do it justice. I’m sure it would look a lot better without two big falls and a lack of concentration in the second half.

Javier Fernandez won the long program, though he did lose to Yuzuru… by 0.03. Wow. This guy is poised to win Euros this season though and I’m very excited for him.

As for Yuzuru, despite the two falls, this guy retains his lovely flow and all the elements look as if they’re joined seamlessly with each other. I’m really hoping that he’ll kick Oda off the Japanese National podium this year. He’s too talented to not make his mark at Worlds though right now, experience is what he really needs. He has youth on his side and even if he doesn’t make it to Sochi, I’m sure the Koreans would love his anime-esque face at Pyeongchang. As for my predictions, I’ve learned not to underestimate this guy. I’m sorry I doubted you, Yuzuru.

Overall standings for the men’s event at the Rostelecom Cup here.

I’ll post the list of people going to the final very soon.

~The Rinkside Cafe


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