Cup of Russia 2011: Predictions

November has been dragging on for so long that I completely forgot that the last of the grand prix events before the final is this week. Wow. Fail. Ok, here they are before I post them when the competition is halfway done. Also, you can also read my GPF competitor’s list predictions post here.


Javier Fernandez, Michal Brezina and Jeremy Abbott are the ones to watch here. All of them are potential headcases who can brilliant when they are spot on. I’m hoping that Yuzuru will prove me wrong and get his ass on the podium but he needs to work on his stamina for his LP, which is still beautiful, despite his mistakes. The field at the CoR for the men’s competition is actually pretty decent and this should be a very exciting competition. Not to mention that the first group of skaters won’t be that painful to watch. This is probably really dumb, but I haven’t checked the scores for any of these men while doing these predictions so my top 3 can combinations of any of the three men listed. Though I’m praying hard for a Yuzuru upset.


Gold: Jeremy Abbott
Silver: Javier Fernandez
Bronze: Michal Brezina


Mao Asada will be there! That’s all you need to know, really. Just kidding. Adelina Sotnikova should be a good contender for a medal here, though I can’t see her beating Mao unless Mao has headcase skates. I’m not sure if a silver is enough to earn her a spot in the final, which is a pity because that means she won’t be competing with Liza until Russian Nationals. To finish the podium off… um… Alena Leonova is a possibility, especially with hometown advantage. Kiira Korpi has polish that Alena can only dream of but she’s not as consistent. Which is kind of sad…


Gold: Mao Asada
Silver: Adelina Sotnikova
Bronze: Alena Leonova


A rematch between Yuko Kavaguti & Alexander Smirnov and Aliona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy should be super exciting. S/S haven’t been consistent all season and despite Yuko’s penchant to look like some crazy creepy jointed doll, K/S have been doing very well this season. I don’t think they’ll beat Volosozhar and Trankov at Russian Nationals but all they need here is a shaky skate from S/S to win gold. I haven’t really heard of any of the other teams here so I’m just going to put one of the random Russian pairs for my bronze predictions. Go ahead, surprise me. Though I’m not sure if I want to watch this competition live. Sleep is becoming hard to come by these days.


Gold: Yuko Kavaguti & Alexander Smirnov (Prove me wrong, Aliona and Robin!)
Silver: Aliona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy
Bronze: Katarina Gerboldt & Alexander Enbert

Ice Dance

Barring major injury, Davis and White should win. Even if they fall a few times, it wouldn’t really matter because the only team that can touch them is Tessa and Scott. Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje and Ekaterina Bobrova & Dmitri Soloviev should have an interesting battle for silver. Both teams have been doing very well this season and although I prefer the former, I wouldn’t be surprised if the latter has an advantage for being Russian and the current #1 Russian team. Ilinykh/Katsalapov is still not achieving the meteoric rise everyone expects from them and at the moment, Bobrova and Sloviev seem like Russia’s best hope for a gold at Sochi. Bobrova has very classic lines and reminds me a little of Oksana Domnina but this team needs to work on their FD. Kaitlyn and Andrew, on the other hand, has improved leaps and bounds and is skating with a wonderful speed and a new power that I’ve never seen before. (And their SD is the most watchable of all SDs this season.) I’d like to put my faith in the #2 Canadian team but one never knows with bullshit Russian judging. Though nowadays, the same could be said with a Canadian competition with Patrick Chan involved. Then again, it doesn’t really matter because W/P I think have enough points to get to the final anyways. Decisions, decisions…


Gold: Meryl Davis & Charlie White
Silver: Ekaterina Bobrova & Dmitri Soloviev
Bronze: Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje

I’m slightly delirious and groggy as I’m writing this. Any comments on how crazy these predictions are?

~The Rinkside Cafe


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