Daisuke proves that he still has it…

I slept in today because I’ve been so sleep deprived all week and then I realized that I missed the men’s LP! =( I did watch the gala though but my internet connection wasn’t good enough to watch Daisuke’s performance. Darn. At least I got to see a skating Domo-kun.

Anyways, back to Daisuke, who’s LP is the only one I have time to watch right now. (So much to do, so little time!)

This is definitely an improvement from Skate Canada but still a work in progress. Daisuke needs to have more flow and commit to this program just as much as he commits to his SP. If he does that, he’ll be mesmerizing. He’ll also need to work on his quad too if he wants to be competitive with Chan. Other than that, this is a pretty good performance at this point in the season. Let’s hope he can muster some great skates at the final – I’m pretty sure he’s done enough to get there.

Results for the free skate.

Overall results.

In other news, Tomas Verner seems to have completely bombed this competition while Michal Brezina did very well at the Cup of China. Will there be a new Czech national champion this year?

Now, I’m waiting for a video of Daisuke’s exhibition to pop up because I love that program.

What did you think of the men’s podium?

~The Rinkside Cafe


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