Live blog: Men’s LP

At the moment, the only way I can blog about these events is if I do them live. I apologize for the horribleness of my live blogs.

Brandon Mroz was the first in the 1st in the last group to skate at NHK. The Eurosport commentators (British) were totally excited and hyping the fact that he can do a quad lutz. I wasn’t as optimistic and didn’t really think he could do it but he did, though he didn’t do it in combination as planned. We went deep into the knee for that 3A. For such a fun and jazzy song, I can’t help but feel that this performance is as “white bread” and boring as it can get. I just want to replace this guy with Kurt Browning and what that instead. His combination jump was clean though he doubled the second jump. Has this ended yet? Despite the 4Lz, I was bored. This guy needs to get some personality in that performance. Thank goodness the score reflects this. He’s scored just slightly above the current leader, Constantin Menshov.

Tomas is on the ice. This guy has personality but will he skate clean? A 2-footed quad and hand down to start but a clean 3A afterwards. Uh, what was up with that spin…? Tomas feels really tentative here. He’s barely skating with any attack and with such epic music, that is not acceptable. He’s really not feeling it. A weird fall on his circular step sequence. This entire performance was painful to watch. What is going on? I though he felt defeated from the very beginning. Sigh. We’re seeing headcasee Tomas again. Ouch, currently in 6th place.

Oh Samuel contesti. I still love that 2009 Worlds cowboy LP but I’ve given up hope on him. I hope he won’t implode like Tomas though. Starts out fun. I saw him in person once and he’s just as amusing off the ice. Lovely 3Lz-3T, a little hop at the end though. Stepped out of his 3A but still keeping with the performance, good job, Samuel. Doubled the flip and slowed down on his combination spin. He looks tired and this is just the short program. He ended a bit later than the music. Oh Samuel, keep on improving because even though you might never win a world medal, you’re still tons of fun. He’s above Tomas but if he has this little stamina now, I’m not sure how much he’ll have to offer in the LP.

It’s Taka-chan!!! He starts with a 3F rather than a quad. Lovely 3A, his choreography goes well with the music, it has interesting crescendoes and builds up. Look at the audience, dear, you’ve got to make some sort of contact with them, even if you’re shy. GORGEOUS 3Lz-3T followed by an intricate straight-line step sequence. That was a good performance from Takahikko. He needs to work on connecting with the audience but he has the entire season to work on that. He’s needed to learn that for a long time. I just hope that this season is the one where he actually gets that skill. Now, let’s see if Daisuke can beat Takashiko. I hope that this is enough to beat Brandon Mroz… and it is!!! Good job, Taka! Now, Ganbare, Daisuke!

I love Daisuke’s SP. I hope it’s improved since Skate Canada. He’s mesmerizing from the first second of this program. Gorgeous 3A, great flow. He’s so committed to the program that I can barely register what jumps he’s doing. There’s just such an intensity and drama that he brings in every second of this program. Pure love. I really wish I was watching this live in the rink. Wow. Just wow. That was fantastic and it should be enough to take first place. HOLY CRAP! 90.43, a personal best! That’s actually comparable to some of Patrick’s crazy marks. Congrats, Daisuke!!!


What did you think of the results and performances?



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