Skate Canada 2011 – Chan wins another medal he doesn’t deserve (aka men’s LP)

A new development has come into my life and I find myself horrendously busy again. However, the development is so stressful that after a few hours of being productive, I’ve decided to take a break and watch some figure skating I’d say I’d watch. So here goes… the hot mess that was Skate Canada this year. I seriously miss Skate Canada 2009 when Chan didn’t get rewarded for shit skates. Sigh. Those were the days.

So Patrick Chan skated to Concierto de Aranjuez for his LP. Damn him, I really like that piece of music for personal reasons. He fell AGAIN on his quad toe but I’m sure the judges thought that it was what a reader smartly recognized as a “butt bounce” which is actually a transition element. His second quad was successful (he also tacked a 3T to the end of it) as was his 3A. I’m disappointed that he didn’t implode on it. It’s one of those things you can count on with Chan. That, an inflated score and consequently, medals he doesn’t deserve. The first combination spin was admittedly gorgeous (especially the flying camel). However, then came a random stumble in his footwork. I’m sure the judges thought that he was just expressing the anguish in the music but I thought that it was more funny than emo. Some commentor on youtube said: “that’s freaking incredible though that Patrick could nearly fall on his face and 2 seconds later be able to collect himself, maintain his speed to land a triple lutz.” Um, first of all, the landing on the lutz wasn’t that great and you should ACTUALLY be surprised at how he won the gold. Actually, no, no one is surprised at his marks and undeserved wins anymore. Chan skated the rest of his program clean, though his landings on some of his jumps were less than perfect. At least the choreography to this program was pretty good. But that’s all that Chan can boat about right now. According to PJ Kwong, Chan was wiping blood off his knee after the performance. You know there’s something wrong with that gold medal when…

Anyways, let’s move onto less depressing things. Depressing stuff is the last thing I need right now.

Well, I would say that Javier Fernandez’s story is not depressing. Here’s a talented skater who saw that his coach was neglecting him (and I mean, that weird purple/green/pink thing from last year?) and so he took matters into his own hands. He went to a renowned coach who no longer had superstar or up and coming pupils and connections with an awesome choreographer. Javier’s improved tons and I’m so excited to see his finally blooming on the world stage. I knew I made the right choice when I put him on the podium (albeit in the wrong position) in my predictions. In any case, Javier started his dramatic program with a 4T (hand down) followed by a luscious 4S. He did fall on a 3A, only to do a 3A-3T in the second half of his program. Good recovery! Unfortunately, his landings in the second half of the program were less than satisfactory and he doubled a loop (work on your stamina, Javi!) but at least he didn’t fall. He was clearly losing steam in the second half of his program but it was still a good first performance. Admittedly, he’s not as polished as Chan (so maybe Chan did deserve to win the LP) but the margin between Chan and Javier (along with Daisuke) in the SP should’ve been larger and from that, and Javi should’ve been able to take the gold.

Daisuke skated to a jazz piece that I’ve only associated with ice dancers. He tried his quad flip again but it was underrotated and two-footed. He was a bit forward on the landing of his 3A and had a hand down on his 3S. Daisuke definitely didn’t start his program well. His spins are often slow at the beginning of the season and this season was no exception. Performance-wise, though, Daisuke is impeccable as usual. Please note that unlike Chan, people actually cheered after he did his footwork. He 2-footed his second 3A though completed a clean and lovely combination jump. I’m not fond of the music (though I loved Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje’s FD to it in 2008), but Daisuke really has the potential to make it work. He unfortunately deserved the bronze (rather than gold or silver here) but Daisuke gets better as the season goes along and I hope that we’ll see a much better version of this soon.

Here are the results of the LP.

Here are the overall standings.

I’ll be blogging Cup of China predictions tomorrow.

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ay-sa
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 18:34:25

    LOL, I can’t believe I’m saying this….but Patrick Chan deserved the gold overall.

    Daisuke’s short program was my favourite performance of the entire competition….just heavenly.

    Javier was fabulous and I hope he wins the Euro title this season.


    • unidebt
      Dec 10, 2011 @ 19:55:41

      Overall probably, but it is annoying (even though i really like him) to see his scores sooo massively inflated like that. I mean take a look at the GPF long programme. It really shoked me.
      Somethings going on. He could have still won if they had awarded him a 167 something more reasonable, i.e. les than 170. But they went all out. It looks rediculous, I dont think the judges should get so excited, especially when someone falls.


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