Skate Canada 2011: Ice Dance

So yesterday, a kind netizen posted the FDs just as they were done. I love that person, whoever you are.

As expected, Tessa and Scott won the free dance. They were graceful and charming though the numerous pauses (numerous here meaning more than one) are a bit disconcerting because more pauses (a la Nikolai Morozov) = less skating = possibility of getting less points from transitions, choreography etc. And when you think about Meryl and Charlie’s program, which despite having its own flaws, is quite different in that it brilliantly showcases the team’s speed, power and it’s so fast paced that there’s no time for pausing. Meryl and Charlie’s program this year is athleticism at its best and we know they can bring that to the highest potential to keep that World title. As charming as the program now, Tessa and Scott need to tell Marina that this program needs to step it up a notch or two. Their FD score at Skate Canada is about a point lower than Meryl and Charlie’s FD score from Skate America. I really hope they have that in mind. Other than that, terrific job, guys!

Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje showed a lot of technical improvement with their deep edges and speed across the ice with their angsty “It’s complicated” romantic FD. I’m so proud of these two and how they’ve improved so quickly over the last few seasons. I still think that it was stupid of Skate Canada to hold them back in favour of Crone/Poirier. These two obviously have a better connection with each other, charisma and the drive to improve. I think that they’ll be worthy successors to the Canadian dance crown after Tessa and Scott relinquish it in their retirement (which will not be soon, I hope). These two remind me of a young Meryl and Charlie but with more passion and connection.


Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte took bronze and skated to La Strada for their FD. The thing about “La Strada” is that it’s a film that’s really beautiful, tender, deep and tragic although the music is upbeat and fun. I’m very glad that this team decided to show the tenderness that was present in the film even though this program was a lot more romantic that the film ever was. I’m very glad that these two have had an opportunity to shine ever since Faiella and Scali retired. Anna and Luca are 24 and 26 but they bring an energy and freshness that’s reminiscent of teenagers even though their skating skills are far from that. Also,  Anna’s outfit is fabulous. It’d wear it for a casual day out if I owned it.

I hope you enjoyed the FD as much as I did!

~The Rinkside Cafe



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