Skate Canada 2011: An up and coming star makes her mark

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva won the ladies competition at Skate Canada yesterday. This is a great debut for the 14 year-old who many (especially Mother Russia) are expecting to be a contender at Sochi. Her rival, Adelina Sotnikova will compete at the Cup of China next week. I feel another Yuna-Mao-esque rivalry is set to appear on the ladies stage. I’m super excited!

Elizaveta however, did not win the long program despite skating a clean performance. That honour went to Akiko Suzuki, who despite a few minor mistakes skated with a grace, poise and maturity we’ve never seen from her before. I’m very glad that the judges are finally giving her some decent PCS for once. She’ll need it if she doesn’t want to be swept away by the Japanese figure skating federation in favour of other ladies, like the young Kanako Murakami.

Ashely Wagner wasn’t a complete headcase and rounded out the podium (she did fall near the end of the program but watch the double tano 2T tacked onto her first combination, it’s rather lovely!)  and incidentally was the highest ranked American female at the competition. Mirai fumbled quite a few times and while I only saw blurry shots of her skate, it seems that Rachael Flatt fell flat on her ass and ended up last.


Here are the long program results and protocol.

Here are the final standings.

I’m so happy that the figure skating season is here! I think I can livestream the free dance tonight and I’m super excited.

~The Rinkside Cafe


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