Some preliminary thoughts on Skate America: Davis & White’s programs

It’ll take me a while before I can sort through all the videos and what not but for now, I have watched Meryl and Charlie’s SD and FD. They won the gold at Skate America, which comes as a surprise to no one.

So first, the SD. Meryl and Charlie are definitely suffering from the loss of one month of training. They’ve never been as synchronized or neat with their arms and free legs as their training mates – Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir AND The Shib sibs – and it really shows here. They weren’t in perfect unison in their twizzles and they felt slower than usual. The choreography of this SD shows some promise and it looks like it’ll be a fun program to watch in the future but time and training is evidently needed.

Davis and White chose to change their program from “La Strada” to “Die Fledermaus” partway through the summer. Meryl and Charlie have charisma, but they lack the elegance and regality in their movement that is demanded for Die Fledermaus. Sure, there’s no royal characters in the operetta but the music makes you think of a joyous and magnificent hall in a bright and sparkling palace. Unfortunately, this program fell flat for me even before the music started. Within the first 30 seconds, I just thought that the entire thing looked awkward, though not as awkward as when Meryl and Charlie were trying to sex it up on the ice with their tango FD last year. The only element I enjoyed was the rotational lift with Meryl on Charlie’s shoulder but that was about it. I expect this program to be an athletic dazzler by the time it gets to Worlds. The story isn’t as charming as Tessa and Scott’s “Funny Face” program but we’ll be dazzled by their speed and power. It’ll be interesting to see who gets what medals this season in ice dance.

Your thoughts on Meryl and Charlie’s programs this year?

~The Rinkside Cafe


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