Finlnadia 2011: Chock and Bates (FD)

I apologize for the delay in my blog post about Chocks/Bates’ FD. The busiest part of my week is over so now I have a bit of free time.

This new partnership isn’t an absolute mistake and it’ll take some time to solidify but it seems as if they’re on the right track. Unfortunately, though, their FD was pretty unmemorable (they are probably pretty low on Marina and Igor’s priority list at this point) and I had to rewatch it today because I had forgotten my thoughts on it and what happened in the dance when I watched it a few days ago.

The program itself isn’t bad, it’s certainly more interesting than the Shibutanis’ FD since it’s not a watered down version of Tessa and Scott’s program but these two really need to tell more of a story with it. Commitment, commitment, commitment. It’s the beginning of the season so I’m sure that’ll come as the season progresses. Madison is definitely the better performer of the pair as she’s more expressive but she should take a few lessons from Evan on how to hold herself and how to move her arms. Evan’s arms and lines with his arms were completely mesmerizing to me. I think the key word for this team is time even I’m not sure if the politics of the sport will let them go very very far.


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