An emerging star?

The junior grand prix events have long been underway (though the senior events have yet to begin) and the latest competition is in Tallinn, Estonia. I’m not that tuned in the junior circuit but I found out that my little itty bitty Shoma Umo is competing and has won the bronze medal, which makes me uber uber proud but I think I’ll talk about that in a future post. For now, the star of this post is Gracie Gold, a 17 (or 18) year-old girl who has won the short program at Tallinn.

I was directed to Gracie’s program by the readers of ontd_skating who had made quite a few positive remarks so I decided to watch. The video of her isn’t TV-standard so I couldn’t quite discern how old she was until I googled her. For an 18 year-old, her movements do show a degree of maturity but she really needs to learn how to hold herself and use her long arms to her advantage (we don’t need windmill arms a la Evan Lysacek). What struck most people however, are her jumps. She turns very quickly in the air and lands her jumps with a bold confidence that really makes them spectacular. I think it’s a bit too early before we can make any pronouncements on her career but she’s past the worst part of puberty and I hope that the USFSA will let her compete more often on the world stage. She’s definitely a lot more interesting to watch than Rachael Flatt.


~The Rinkside Cafe


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