Swinging and Dancing the Night Away~

Somehow, I seem to be writing single posts for the free dance event at the Finlandia Trophy this year. I blame my lack of time and limited internet access. In any case, Maia and Alex Shibutani received a score of 92.63 for this free dance.

This FD was fun but it felt like a more sophisticated version of their FD from last year. Sans Nat King Cole. I do think that Marina and Igor need to expand their repertoire a bit. It would be interesting to see them attempt the Meryl and Charlie-esque fast and furious programs or just anything that isn’t safe. Unlike a lot of people, I’m actually all for brother and sister teams as I see them as the REAL innovators of ice dance. Sibling skating teams can’t fall back on the same old chemistry and romance that non-sibling teams can rely on and so they need to find creative ways to branch out and show the world what they can do without having to resort to cliches.

This team has definitely done this kind of fun, cutesy program before and I think it’s time for a change. However, if that’s not possible, a change of pace or music in the middle would be nice as the program gets a bit dull in the middle. The siblings need to skate this with way more attack than they are now but overall, this performance wasn’t too shabby.

What programs would you like to see these two talented siblings skate? An “Alice in Wonderland” theme can capitalize on their current cuteness and add a dash of fast and furious whimsy that they don’t usually have. Disco would be super fun too though I would rather watch Tessa and Scott do disco.

~The Rinkside Cafe


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