A Huge Smile on my Face – Tessa and Scott’s new FD

I promise to write about the other two podium finishers at Finlandia but I just watched Tessa and Scott’s new FD and it reminded me again of why I love these two. Their movements were clean and pure (though Tessa did stumble in a footwork sequence) and absolutely charming. They still have ways to go to make this absolutely delightful – a little more energy and practice (they also got a 1 point deduction, probably for an extended lift) – but this is a pretty good vehicle as it stands right now. I don’t know how the judges will react to the numerous pauses during the program but this is something that Marina and Igor can help them work out after each competition. As well, for some reason, I want Tessa to wear a midnight blue dress. Either that or something that’s not black or white.

Their free dance received a score of 101.59, which is about 9 points off their personal best. I know that they can improve this score and skate better and I will expect an improved program at their next competition. I love these two to pieces but I expect nothing but programs that are greater than perfection.

What do you think of Tessa and Scott’s FD? I wonder if it will be good enough to beat out Meryl and Charlie’s “La Strada” FD.

~The Rinkside Cafe


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