… is a double edged word. You can be interesting in a positive way, in other words, be charismatic, be a good conversationalist, be able to do cool tricks/dances/whatever. But you can also be interesting in a horrifying way… like Michelle Bachmann. I decided to check out a few juniors at the JGP Austria today and found this interesting young man:

Han Yan finished 2nd in the JGPF last year and although his triple axel wasn’t solid in this program, that 3F-3T was very Yuna-esque. It doesn’t seem like a compliment because men’s skating involves harder jumps, but Yuna did triple-triples wayyy better than most men. His final triple lutz was lovely and high but I wonder if he can keep all of these fast and high jumps in the long program. Yan if only 15 so he still has time to develop his talent but I hope that his future is bright.

The other “interesting” thing – this time interesting in a bad way – was Sui and Han at the same event. They seemed to have downgraded their content – they did a throw 3Lp (which wasn’t landed properly) rather than their usual flip and they did a double twist rather than a triple – and there were also a lot of stumbles and mistakes. The former junior World Champions are currently sitting in 3rd place and I’m wondering what happened. Has Sui started her growth spurt and it’s hurting their careers? Just having an off day? And why on earth are they keeping the cowboy program? Cowboy programs have to be the tackiest things alive right after clown programs.

Any opinions? As well, any suggestions of other skaters to watch out for in the junior ranks?

~The Rinkside Cafe


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  1. Seqionsgalore
    Sep 30, 2011 @ 08:10:37

    You are mistaken. The mandatory elements for Junior Pairs SP: sbs double lutz, throw double lutz twist, and throw double or triple loop. Sui/Han HAD to downgrade their content. They can still do the hard elements, exhibit A: their SP at “Chinese Nationals” last week: They landed sbs 3T, triple twist (improved) and throw triple flip. In their free they landed quad twist (!) and sbs 3T+2T+2T among other…

    Also, Yan Han has aquired a quad toe loop (landed one in FS at Asian Figure Skating Trophy and “Chinese Nationals”)


    • rinksidecafe
      Oct 01, 2011 @ 10:35:08

      Thank goodness that’s the case. I’m not too familiar with the rules of the junior circuit (must go read up on them…) and I’m not fond of this SP (so I probably didn’t watch them skate it in their last JGP assignment), which is why the downgrades came as a shock. I was a bit worried about these two after seeing them struggle a bit in the LP at their last JGP event and I nearly lamented at the idea of having to give up faith on them until you showed me that link. So thank you!


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