Wow, that was a MEGA Triple Axel

A video of Yuzuru Hanyu’s short program at Nebelhorn (which he won) has surfaced. The landing on his quad toe was shaky but the triple axel that followed it was HUGE and gorgeous. I also loved the footwork into the sit spin near the end. Sublime. I hope he can get that quad down and have a successful season. I would love it if he were one of the frontrunners for the gold at Sochi.

Go Yuzuru!

Edit: Yuzuru’s LP has surfaced as well. His quad still needs work and despite the promising debut of the program at THE ICE, it’s clear that Yuzuru has ways to go before this program can reach its full potential. With that added beginning that wasn’t shown at THE ICE, Yuzuru needs to work on his stamina to be able go through the rest of the program with good polish and flow. It’s unfortunate to see him lack the flow he displayed at the summer skating show because when he’s into the program, it’s absolutely spectacular. These speedbumps aren’t in any way a detriment to his season or his career. I think that having these bumps early on means that he can still develop the program, build it up to be even better and then peak at Worlds. Go Yuzuru!

~The Rinkside Cafe


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