Pure Love: Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao… dancing

Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao were the first ones to make me tear up after watching a skating program. (2003 Worlds – Turandot LP) The program was so well choreographed and skated to perfection with the most beautiful emotions behind it. Their love for each other and the trust between both partners was so evident and everything just fell into place despite Shen’s injury.

Aunt Joyce recently posted a video of the pair on a dancing show:

I only have a basic grasp of Mandarin so forgive me for any mistakes in the translation. The fluff at the beginning was about how they usually dance on ice but they’re transferring skills on the floor. I think Xue said something about feeling safe because she’s with her husband. Both of them expressed a wish to win the competition. So they danced and right off the top, the first judge tells them they should leave the competition because they’re just too good. Shen and Zhao said that they feel that they would like to learn about how to move on the floor. The transvestite/transgendered judge complained about Xue’s dress and how she reacted at one point even before Hongbo touched her. The rest of the judges, though, told them that they’re too good for competition and that they’ve basically won without having to compete because they’re just that good. They ended up dancing one more time and one of the judges noted that no one’s ever gotten a standing ovation and that is a testament of how good they are.

So, I guess we can interpret this as, they’ve won the competition without having to go through the entire thing. Pity we can’t see them dance some more though.

~The Rinkside Cafe


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