Some Entertainment…

I know I haven’t been posting lately as my life has once again become very hectic. In any case, here’s a post to entertain you while I think of something substantial to post about. Between Aunt Joyce, ice network and ontd_skating, there should be enough news on music choices and whatnot so I’ll think of something unique to write about soon.

Without further ado, some entertaining show/exhibition programs!

I love this chair tango with Shae-Lynn:

My favourite exhibition program of the season:

I love this program to shreds as well. This is the best they’ve skated it and they reminded me once again why I love them so much.

Edit: Here’s a video where the person taking it wasn’t as far:

Simply Exquisite:

Because we need to be reminded of the beautiful things in life when the news all around the world isn’t all that happy…


~The Rinkside Cafe


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