Look-Alikes: Tessa Virtue (because she’s Canadian and it’s Canada Day)

Gemma, a faithful reader tweeted me about making a post on Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. I said I would write this post ages ago but a lot of things prevented me from doing so. Unfortunately, these things will prevent me from blogging a lot for the next couple of weeks as well. In any case, I’m taking a small break from what I’ve been doing and writing this because it’s Canada Day.

Gemma’s grandfather reckons that Tessa looks a bit like Deanna Durbin. Other than the round face, Tessa seems to have Deanna’s nose and eyes.


In this article, the author notes that Tessa looks a lot like Princess Kate, who is in Canada right now. It also happens that the two may have met at a barbecue in Rideau Hall (residence of the Governor General).

The resemblance is admittedly uncanny…

Skip to 2:35 to see Tessa talking to Prince William:

Do you think Tessa looks like anyone else?

Edit: Reader Laurie thinks that Tessa looks like Amy Adams:

~The Rinkside Cafe

P.S. @Gemma, I will do a post on Scott when I have some extra time.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Laurie
    Jul 03, 2011 @ 02:40:12

    Tessa kinda looks like Amy Adams too.


  2. andanta
    Jul 15, 2011 @ 01:50:29

    when I first saw Tessa Virtue, she reminded me strongly of Kristen Stewart. They both have very very small faces and delicate features (little noses, thin lips). Now as I have got used to Tessa’s face, I don’t think they look alike anymore.


  3. Charlie
    Aug 08, 2011 @ 07:21:27

    She reminds me of an odd, lovely mix of Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry somehow.


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