Happy Birthday to Akiko Suzuki… and her albino strawberries!

Nobunari Oda tweeted this a few days ago:

Mariakko is Akiko Suzuki and the Japanese says, “Otanjoubi Omedetou!” meaning “Happy birthday!”

So a belated happy birthday to you, Akiko!

I still think this girl needs to come to Canada and be a citizen here. She won’t be excluded from the World team AND she’d beat all of best Canadian ladies this season and make the Canadian ladies World team look a lot better than it is right now.

Also, Akiko posted some really cool albino strawberries on her twitter. Apparently they smell sweet. Anyone know how they do this to strawberries?

Also, I apologize if my posts are a bit irregular and random. I’m going through a busy period right now and may neglect to blog for a few days. However, the good news is, I’ll hopefully be able to tune into Worlds and I’ll post a few predictions  up in the upcoming weeks.


~The Rinkside Cafe


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